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Butterflies in my tummy…

It’s the feeling of accomplishment when you get your very first driver’s license. The 15 minutes of fame for sitting with the cool kids at lunch. The excitement from winning free movie tickets for being caller number 10. The pride in seeing your first-born child graduate kindergarten. For the purpose of this blog — the priceless look of admiration on the groom’s face, as he sees his bride walk down the aisle.

Yup, a close portrayal of the cocktail of emotions that overcame me as I rushed out of my house this morning, only to be yanked by the glimpse of our chapel in country singer Carrie Underwood’s new music video for Last Name.

The hustle and bustle of excitement with the chapel’s brush with fame didn’t give me a chance to even see the music video in its entirety. Yet seeing the familiar glow of “Little Chapel of the Flowers” on the side of the famous Victorian Chapel, was like reciting the words to a song you haven’t heard in years but yet you remember it word for word.

Despite the many days we’d go home with the remnant fumes of paint on our clothes, seeing the “wet paint” sign only after a close call with almost sticking your hand on the wall into the permanent paint that took days to complete and who can forget the case of the “missing roll of chapel wallpaper”, as we all looked upon each other with suspicion, only to find out it was just stuck on top of the chapel’s flower cooler –was all worth it after seeing the final product.

I finally understood how Michaelangelo may have felt overwhelmed with the work he had cut out in front of him during the 40 years of work he invested into the Sistine Chapel –now, of course, there is quite a discrepancy in magnitude of work between the Sistine Chapel and the renovations that the Victorian Chapel has undergone but the pristine masterpiece that the Victorian Chapel has become is a close parallel, in the eyes of the chapel family.

Thus, it is no surprise that a rising star, such as Underwood, would choose, of all the chapels to choose from in Las Vegas, would choose our very own, kindergarten graduate –Victorian Chapel with its new silver-screen qualities, in it’s music video debut.

Signing off…


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