John and Mandy

This past Monday was a really big day here at the chapel and I didn’t even know it. It was 8-9-10 and a big day that a lot of people wanted to get married so we were unusually busier this past Monday than normal.

I had the privilege of coordinating in the La Capella chapel that day and I totally fell in love with John and Mandy. I was so grateful that I got to be part of their day as their coordinator. When Mandy first came in, she was wearing a beautiful, sort of vintage dress, all lace, reminiscent of 1952, a short veil, a little lace bolero with cap sleeves and shiny red heels. Mandy looked fierce. When she came in, she actually couldn’t look at any of her family or friends because she would start crying, so I would joke around with her to try and keep her from crying and messing up her make-up.

Her bouquet was gorgeous, deep red roses, deep red dahlia’s, and black (eggplant) lilies. Mandy has good taste.

She also did not have an engagement ring but instead had a diamond tattooed on her ring finger. Once again, her style blew me away.

My favorite part of my time with them was before I was going to line up Mandy to walk down the aisle, I went into the minister’s office where she was waiting and I asked her if she was ready to get married and she was so nervous that she couldn’t really answer me. So I gave her a little pep talk, took her by the hand, told her I wouldn’t let her fall down, I said I would walk down the aisle beside her if she needed me to. Of course, that would be silly but I wanted to be there for her in whatever way she needed me.

They also had an amazing wedding cake created by Shannon at Shannicakes. I loved everything they chose that day.

One of my favorite things about a bride and groom is when they cry. Crying in public doesn’t always get a good reputation. Some people say that crying is a sign of weakness, but I believe it’s a sign of strength. It takes a lot of strength to be completely vulnerable and to be that vulnerable in front of people takes even more strength. So, when two people are so in love that it trumps everything else, the way they may look to other people, what could happen to the bride’s make-up, what if your voice cracks when you repeat your vows, to be so overwhelmed with emotion that none of that matters anymore… that’s strength. And so I almost started crying with them when they both came out of the chapel with tears running down their face. I love it when the bride cries, but I love it even more when I see the groom cry.

John and Mandy totally hold a place in my heart and I wish them all the happiness possible in their future.

By Chapel Marketing

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