Many Couples Renewing Vows

Many Couples Renewing Vows

Ambiance is everything. Imagine dreaming of renewing your vows after 10, 25 or 50 years and you happen upon a website that fills you full of the idea that you can have whatever you want.

Its not a matter of what you want but a matter of where and how. Atmosphere, you realize, is what your ceremony is all about. Planning is ceremony is not as easy as it seems; but at Chapel of the Flowers we give you that ambience with elegance so that you carry your memories with you forever.
This week at Chapel of the Flowers we celebrated three couples renewing their vows with meaning, international flavor and fun with a sense of adventure. While they had their own flavor of ambience, we at the chapel were drawn in by their own style.
Our first couple of the day, Karin Chataigner and Olivier Blanchard, had traveled from France to celebrate their 10 hears of marriage. With their 2 small children along for the ride, the couple entered the Victorian chapel dressed full costume and wigs as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Many laughs later and pictures to prove their unique sense of fun and adventure the family went on their with the thoughts of continuing their adventures by traveling to the Grand Canyon Sky Walk.

What a surprise we encountered with our second couple, Felisa Gutierrez and Emilio Prado, who traveled to Las Vegas from Spain, when they showed up dressed as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. In the 2 years that I’ve worked at the chapel this is first that I can recall of 2 wedding or renewal of vows ceremonies that couple have dressed as Elvis and Marilyn. xxxxx and zzzzzz brought their 3 children to enjoy the festivities and my hunch ? after 25 years of marriage to show them that a sense of humor is a must for a lasting marriage.

Now this brings us to the classic and elegant renewal of vows that speaks of renewing your life to the one person in your life that you vowed 50 years ago to honor, hold dear to your heart and love them through all that life brings. Christiforo and Rosa Di Mataleo, originally from Italy and now living in Australia, brought the real meaning of why we get up every day to come and work at our wedding chapel. The world is losing out on our marriage role models as they age and continue on with life’s journey. Just being in the same room, feeling the love that they and their family shared you have a sense of their peace, lasting wonderment and love, and for one short moment you wish you could have been present for more than just a very short half hour. To step into their inner circle warms your heart and you know you have become richer and honored for having been in their presence.
All three of these couples brought their own ambience to the chapel that day. These are just a very small example of why I love coming to work every day and proudly proclaim that “I am a happiness junky”.
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