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Picking your perfect wedding date

Picking your perfect wedding date You’ve just gotten engaged and everyone wants to know when the wedding is, but you have to decide what time of year, how to deal with holiday weekends and peoples schedules. Question is how do you pick the perfect date? Here are a few tips to help in your decision making.

Picking your perfect wedding date

Choosing a wedding date it seems similar to putting together a puzzle or playing a game of chess. One of the major considerations for choosing the date is which season you want to get married in. Do you want the warmth of summer, lushness of spring flowers, coziness of fall or a winter wonderland. For instance if you are an accountant then spring is definitely out of the question, if your a teacher summers might be best, wedding coordinator probably winter, it all depends on what your job demands of you.

For a money saving opportunity you and your loved one should consider a weekday wedding. Several venues, vendors and other discounts are applied when having a weekday wedding. You must consider if you definitely want a Saturday wedding or do religious observances like the Jewish or Christian Sabaths mean that either Saturday or Sunday weddings aren’t an option. If most of your wedding guests are in town and not traveling, a weekday wedding might be the perfect option for you.

Spring weddings are a season where more vendors will be available and you might get discounted rates on sites and especially travel. If your getting married in a church you might be able to save some money and use the Easter decorations. The only gamble is the weather so be prepared for a nice 70 degree weather day or April showers. Bright spring colors are a great way to combine the weather and your wedding colors, along with several bright flowers that are in season.

Summer weddings are the most popular season due to the off chance of bad weather. A garden (such our chapels glass garden) or a gazebo, as in our lovely chapels are an excellent choice to combine the season and your wedding. Choosing your flowers might be the most difficult part due to the abundance of choices in the summer, every flower from lilies, dahlias, gerber daisies, mums and of course roses are all cheerful and fun to fill the space around your ceremony and reception.

Fall weddings are romantic time of year and are a time of year when people come home for the holidays and think about loved ones. A warming, intimate wedding set with colors such as jewel tones, fall earth tones such as browns and yellows are a perfect compliment. Making use of seasonal decorations such as pumpkins,acorns, fall leaves, jack -o-lanterns or paper luminaria for a candlelit setting is perfect. Some couples want Halloween mixed in with their special day as an option to!

Winter wonderland
A winter wedding can be very romantic and right out of a Hollywood setting. Ice diamond or diamond like jewelry set off the magical time of the season. Silver capes or long silk dresses with white fur or faux fur wraps are a great accent to your gown. Silver and white elegant colors are popular or decide if you want reds and greens to match the season. Eucalyptus and roses, lilies and stephanotis are a pretty choice or for a brighter bouquet, red roses and holly or pine tree greenery, ornamental berries are an excellent choice.

Picking your perfect wedding dateThere is a question of how long should an engagement be and its been said a year is a good amount of time to plan a wedding, while not stressing out. Other people think otherwise and a short engagement is better because an entire year is unnecessary and torturous.

You could get married on the anniversary of the day you met, one of your birthdays, or holiday such as Valentine’s to help in the decision making process. The last thing you want to do is have your wedding on an important religious holiday or Super Bowl Sunday where your guests will be unhappy for being there.

Picking your perfect wedding date Keep in mind key players in your wedding such as your parents annual trip to Paris, or your sister in college is in midst of finals, but only worry about the immediate family otherwise you’ll stress yourself out trying to fit to many people’s schedules.
You will want to make sure that your favorite location is available, or your favorite photographer can be there. At Chapel of The Flowers, we always have the best photographers in Las Vegas available to you and our location is the perfect setting year round! Renewal of vows are in season year round as well!!
Whatever your wedding date may be Chapel of The Flowers can help you plan the seasonal wedding of your dreams. Visit our website of or call to speak to a professional wedding planner today. 800-843-2410 or 702-735-4494

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