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Planning a Binary Wedding: 10 Tips for a Serene 12-13-14 Wedding Day!


There are only 36 binary days in a century and these days draw special attention for weddings by soon-to-be brides from across the globe. The majority of these binary weddings take place in Las Vegas. Right now, Chapel of the Flowers is offering couples a chance to take advantage of this special day, without breaking their budget. We’re offering two special packages because we foresee many weddings taking place on 11-12-13 this year. Chapel of the Flowers provides exceptional service and special attention to make each wedding as unique and cherishable as possible for our newlywed couples.

For those of you looking to make your 11-12-13 your very special day, consider the following tips from the Chapel of the Flowers Wedding Planners:

1.    Book right away as space is very limited
2.    Pre-register for your marriage license before moving forward with your plans
3.    Once you arrive in town get your marriage license right away; this prevents delays or longer waiting times.
4.    Immediately schedule any consultations and photography sessions so you can avoid missing out on an open space.
5.    Allow yourself lots of time. It’s always best to be prepared, and early on, when it comes to your wedding day. Make sure you have enough time to prepare for the ceremony. Our chapel is

booked quickly and our limos cannot wait so it’s important that you’re punctual and ready.
6.    If you want to ensure a spot you need to book your reception right away.
7.    Don’t wait last minute to finalize details. Your ceremony details should be finalized and ready to implement within a month from your ceremony to ensure a smooth wedding.

8.    Plan ahead on how you plan to store your dress for your flight or drive to Las Vegas and have a list of nearby cleaners that can steam it for you prior to your wedding day.

9.    Plan ahead with your vendors; try to aim for a month out when scheduling dress or tux rentals, dinner receptions, hair/makeup appointments, etc.

10.  Be ready to have an amazing 11-12-13 wedding that you won’t soon forget!


Space is filling up fast, so make sure you don’t miss out on the final binary date of the year, book your wedding now with a wedding planner here!


– Chapel of the Flowers Wedding Planners


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