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COVID UPDATE: Chapel of the Flowers Safe and Clean Program

Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers SafeAs of late April, Las Vegas has been slowly reopening local businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic. During the past several months of the pandemic, Chapel of the Flowers has created the “Safe and Clean Program” as a response to perform ceremonies safely and do its part to combat the virus. This program pairs the company’s COVID safety procedures with a robust cleaning routine that reflects the standard precautions outlined by the CDC  using EPA/ FDA approved cleaning supplies that kill the coronavirus, personal protective equipment (PPE), and safety equipment. Our iconic Las Vegas wedding chapel is dedicated to giving couples a memorable celebration with the peace of mind that the Chapel is doing their part to keep customers and employees safe.

Safe and Clean Program

Since 1960, Chapel of the Flowers has been devoted to providing exceptional services for couples that desire ceremonies & receptions in Las Vegas. With the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak, the Chapel has enhanced its cleaning procedures for couples and employees to ensure a safe environment while on property.

Safety Precautions for Weddings

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* Please Note: safety precautions are subject to change at any time, as the CDC guidelines are continually changing. Chapel of the Flowers is committed to following the most current guidelines outlined by the CDC.

Cleaning Procedures

(Updated 5/4/2021)

Cleaning Procedures | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers SafeTo prevent the spread of COVID-19, Chapel of the Flowers has kicked its normal cleaning routine into high gear. Using the latest cleaning technology, the Chapel is using top-of-the-line cleaning materials approved by the FDA and EPA to ensure we are staying clean.

  1. All highly trafficked areas and surfaces on the Chapel’s property and limousines are being treated with an antimicrobial protectant spray to prevent the spread of viruses and germs. The Bio-Spear Antimicrobial Spray is non-toxic, and will not damage clothing or irritate the skin.

What is Antimicrobial Protectant Spray?

Electrostatic Stanitizing | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers Safe Photo Source: EvaClean

Antimicrobial cleaning materials have been around for years and heavily used in the Airline industry to prevent the spread of viruses on soft & hard surfaces. When the antimicrobial spray adheres to a surface, it creates a germ and virus killing barrier that will prevent these microorganisms from infecting any treated surface. The disinfecting qualities of these sprays can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Chapel of the Flowers uses an Electrostatic Sprayer to apply the antimicrobial solution to the surfaces around the chapel.  The electrostatic mist efficiently coats the surface — including the sides, underside, and backside. By using this tool and the antimicrobial protectant, the Chapel’s surfaces will continuously protect against germs and viruses. Even though the product fights viruses and germs for up to 30 days, Chapel of the Flowers applies a fresh application every few weeks.

  1. In addition to using the antimicrobial spray, all chapels and limos are adequately wiped down and sanitized after each couple.
  2. Hand sanitizer stations with 4-hour persistent, nonalcohol-based hand sanitizer are located in high-traffic and employee areas. This is in addition to the alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is also available throughout the property.
  3. Highly-touched areas are wiped down multiple times daily.
  4. Each employee has been given Antimicrobial Cleaning Products to use in their home & cars to keep them safe and clean outside of work.

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 Safety Precautions for Weddings and Guests

(Updated 5/4/2021) 

Garden Weddings | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers SafeThe CDC and Nevada’s Government has mandated rules regarding social distancing, gatherings of large groups, and face masks. With these guidelines in mind, Chapel of the Flowers is doing the following to keep couples and wedding guests as safe as possible during these uncertain times.

  1. Face masks are required on the Chapel property (read more: Nevada State Covid Mandates (Las Vegas is in Clark County))
    • Couples and guests will be required to wear a Face Mask during limousine transports. The limo driver will provide face masks to anyone that needs one.
    • Guests must wear a mask when entering and exiting any indoor location.
    • Guests must wear a mask when outdoors if they cannot maintain six feet of separation between themselves and other members of the public/members who are not a part of the same household or who traveled together.
    • Guests or couples who state they have a mental or physical disability that prevents them from wearing a mask do not have to wear a mask while on property.
  2. Touchless temperature checks are available for couples and guests attending a wedding.
  3. All chapels are available to book with limited capacity in accordance with the Government’s Covid restrictions. Ceremonies are mainly being held in our outdoor Gazebo and larger chapels (Glass Gardens and La Capella Chapel) to allow for social distancing of 3 feet. Victorian and Magnolia Chapels are also available for small weddings.
  4. Chairs have been removed from our indoor chapels to encourage guests to distance themselves, with the exception of allowing immediate family members to sit next to each other and people who traveled together.
  5. Broadcasting of ceremonies is available for all our on-site locations. The ceremonies can be viewed on our website. For couples that want to see their virtual wedding guests, can host a Zoom Wedding ceremony in our Victorian Chapel.
  6. Wedding guests are welcome, but the capacity numbers in our chapels are reduced. The number of guests will vary based on ceremony space. Max capacity will be adjusted in each of our ceremony locations during this time, to allow for social distancing. Please contact our planners for more information.Facemasks and Santizing | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers Safe
  7. Welcome kits with face masks and hand sanitizer will be available for all couples and guests.
  8. Broadcasting of ceremonies available to stream your wedding online for loved ones unable to attend.
  9. Small celebration dinners (reception) are available but will be limited. Depending on party size and location, receptions may be available. Please contact our planners for more information.

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 Safety Protocol for Employees

(Updated 5/4/2021)

Social Distancing | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers SafeOur staff is dedicated to delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for our couples and guests. Prevention is key to keeping our Chapel running safely during this time. The safety of our staff is of the utmost importance to continue to operate our Chapel. Here are the measures in place to keep our employees healthy and safe.

  1. Touchless temperature checks for employees at the timeclock.
  2. Employees that are feeling sick or think they have been exposed to the Coronavirus, will be asked to get a COVID screening.
  3. All Team Members must wear a mask at all times when indoors and a member of the public is present – no matter what the distance is between the employee and the person(s).
  4. All Team Members must wear a mask at all times when three feet of social distancing cannot be maintained. This includes any outdoor or backstage location.
  5. Limo Drivers must wear a mask when driving if there are passengers in the vehicle.
  6. Ministers will wear face masks during the pre-ceremony meeting. During the ceremony, ministers will not be required to wear face coverings in order to perform the ceremony. They are required to social distance and stand 3 feet away from the couple while performing the ceremony. There are “heart-shaped” floor decals at the altars of the chapels to keep couples and ministers 3-feet apart during the ceremony.

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 Tourism and Travel Information

(Updated 5/4/2021)

Las Vegas Strip | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers SafeLas Vegas, the city that never sleeps, was asleep for almost 3-months during the mandatory shutdown in Spring of 2020. The city has been slowly opening resorts and attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. Keeping properties safe and clean has been a top priority for resorts and local businesses. Here is a list of resources to see the most up-to-date information about traveling and tourism in Las Vegas.

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 Love During a Pandemic | Las Vegas Weddings During Coronavirus | CDC Guidelines to Keep Customers SafeChapel of the Flowers has always had the best interest to anyone that steps foot on our property and is dedicated to following our “Safe & Clean Program” during the pandemic. If you are interested in a quick and simple ceremony or an all-inclusive wedding in Las Vegas, we invite you to visit our website and chat with our planners or contact our chapel office.



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