Sweet Magnolia Chapel ceremony


As a coordinator, I mostly only get to see couples on one of the happiest days of their relationship. I don’t get to see their relationship blossom and grow over the years or how they interact with each other outside of the gown and tuxedo.

Brent and Julie got married in the Magnolia Chapel on Saturday the 29th at 2PM. Julie wore a short white dress and Brent in a very classic suit. They were so adorable and playful together and super in love and I was so excited when I ran into them the last night of their honeymoon. On Sunday nights at the Mandalay Bay, there is a house band called The Limit and they play fantastic old and new music. My friend and I were there when the lead singer says “We’ve got to play a request for the newlyweds over here!” And then I see Brent and Julie running over to the dance floor as the band starts playing the opening notes to “Sweet Child O Mine” by Guns N Roses. They danced close and smooched during the song, they were so sweet to each other and looked like they were having the time of their lives. When the song was over and they made their way back to their table, I had to go over and say hi. I told them it’s really good to see couples outside of the chapel not on their wedding day and to see how in love they are from day to day. I congratulated them again and we said goodnight.

Seeing Brent and Julie totally made my night and once again made me love what I do working at Chapel of the Flowers.

By Chapel Marketing

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