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Las Vegas Locals Wedding Specials

Las Vegas Wedding Specials, Promos, and DealsLas Vegas locals expect the biggest and best, but they know there are always promotions, deals or specials for locals. Chapel of the Flowers has just released new local wedding specials and discounts on their popular wedding packages. Check out the Chapel of the Flowers promo codes that are exclusively for Nevada and Vegas residents below.

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Butterflies in my tummy…

It’s the feeling of accomplishment when you get your very first driver’s license. The 15 minutes of fame for sitting with the cool kids at lunch. The excitement from winning free movie tickets for being caller number 10. The pride in seeing your first-born child graduate kindergarten. For the purpose of this blog — the priceless look of admiration on the groom’s face, as he sees his bride walk down the aisle.

Yup, a close portrayal of the cocktail of emotions that overcame me as I rushed out of my house this morning, only to be yanked by the glimpse of our chapel in country singer Carrie Underwood’s new music video for Last Name.

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Celebrities at the Chapel

Carrie Underwood films music video for ‘Last Name’

Carrie Underwood films music video for 'Last Name'

Country singer Carrie Underwood’s Grammy award-winning song; “Last Name”, tells the story of meeting a guy at a Vegas club, partying hard and marrying him as the night goes on to where she realizes she doesn’t even know his/her last name.

The marriage brings about the Vegas campiness with an Elvis impersonator conducting the ceremony inside Chapel of the Flower’s, Victorian Chapel. As the happy couple drives off, our famous neon Little Chapel of the Flowers sign explodes foreshadowing what’s to come in the newly-minted marriage.

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