Fall Wedding Trends of 2019

Fall Wedding Trends | Fall Wedding IdeasFall is full of wonderful things – Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks, autumn leaves – but our favorite thing about the season is Fall Weddings. Whether you are looking for a rustic-chic barn-inspired ceremony or a glamorous and glitzy celebration in your favorite season, the wedding planners at Chapel of the Flowers have the best tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect Fall Wedding. Sit back and relax as you scroll through our top fall wedding ideas.


A Romantic Bride

A Romantic Bride Jennie-Garth-Wedding-PicturesA romantic bride fantasizes about her wedding day her entire life. Jennie Garth’s marriage to Dave Abrams is a perfect glimpse into a romantics’ wedding day. From Jennie’s Claire Pettibone floral wedding dress to the ceremony and reception held within the gardens of their farm, Jennie and Dave’s wedding was an ethereal occasion. Romance is color, nature, dreamy, wistful, emotional and intimate. Here are a few bits of inspiration for the romantic bride.