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Wedding Gift Etiquette!!

Attending a wedding is a joyous occasion but the question comes to mind of what to get the bride and groom for a gift? How long does a guest have to send a gift? Is it acceptable for the couple to ask for a specific gift?

According to experts is bad form to request a specific gift, its never acceptable to ask for a gift, and it’s bad form to put a gift registry on an invitation.
If your unable to attend to a wedding the proper wedding etiquette is you have up to one year to send a gift, even though gifts should be no later then three months but even this long can be considered rude. The proper rule is its better to send the gift as soon as you recieve the invitation so the bride and groom wont have to worry about getting it home.
Is money an appropriate gift? Absolutely! Especially these days money is probably a better choice, or if you dont want the bride and groom to know how much you spent you can buy and expensive looking gift for a cheaper price.
How much to spend? There is a wedding etiquette rumor that the cost of a wedding gift should equal the cost of the guest’s meal. This is not true. No matter how much the bride and groom spent on the dinner, the choice is up to the gift giver of how much to spend. If its a family member that’s getting married or close friend you will probably want to spend a little more then a co-worker etc.
Registry is a wonderful thing because the gifts have been chosen by the happy couple and as a guest you have an idea of what the couple wants, even though you are free to shop any store.
Thank You card should be written and sent within two weeks of the wedding, one month at the latest as an etiquette rule. It’s stated that their is no excuse for not properly thanking your guests for a wedding gift that they put alot of thought into the gift. Guests who are properly thanked are touched you took the time out to send a note.
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