Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Las Vegas Wedding

Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, on their intimate Las Vegas Wedding–from all of us at Chapel of the Flowers!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have officially tied the knot in the wedding capital of the world: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lopez confirmed their intimate Las Vegas wedding in her personal newsletter Sunday, ending the letter with a new name: Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

A Quick Snippet From Lopez’s Newsletter:

“We did it. Love is beautiful. Love is kind. And it turns out love is patient. Twenty years patient,” Jennifer shared.

“Last night we flew to Vegas, stood in line for a license with four other couples, all making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world,” Lopez wrote. “We barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight. They graciously stayed open late a few minutes, let us take pictures in a pink Cadillac convertible, evidently once used by the king himself (but if we wanted Elvis himself to show, that cost extra and he was in bed).”

Lopez shared that she wore a dress from an old movie and Affleck wore a jacket from his closet.

“We read our own vows in the little chapel and gave one another the rings we’ll wear for the rest of our lives,” she wrote. 

Jennifer and Ben’s Love Story:

The Bennifer love story is one that’s been more than 20 years in the making. The couple originally met on the set of the rom-com “Gigli,” where they played criminals on a job together that led to a real-life friendship.

By November 2002, they had gotten engaged, but postponed their wedding in September 2003 due to “the excessive media attention” surrounding their wedding.

Unfortunately, they never shared their vows, but instead the postponement led to the couple officially calling off their engagement in January 2004.

Never say “never”, because after 17 years, even with other marriages, and children from those marriages, they eventually ended up right where they started all those years ago.

Lopez Speaks About The Proposal:

Affleck proposed to Lopez again in April of 2022 while she was soaking in a bubble bath.

“I was taken totally off guard and just looked in his eyes smiling and crying at the same time trying hard to get my head around the fact that after 20 years this was happening all over again, I was quite literally speechless and he said, ‘is that a yes?’ I said YES of course that’s a YES,” she wrote in her newsletter.

What an incredible moment, that must’ve been for the two of them…to have found true love in such a familiar place.

You know what they say, “timing is everything”, and it proves to ring true for Mr. and Mrs. Affleck too.

Lopez Shares About Their Vegas Wedding Experience:

“In the end it was the best possible wedding we could have imagined.” Lopez wrote, in her recent newsletter.

We at Chapel of the Flowers couldn’t agree more!

An elopement to Las Vegas is the perfect remedy for the stress and anxiety that comes with the excessive media attention that actually got in the way of their first engagement/hopeful wedding.

With our all-inclusive Las Vegas wedding packages, you won’t need to worry about a thing! Let us help you to create the perfect Vegas Wedding for you and the one you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with.

Cheers to Jennifer and Ben on their unique love story, we wish you both everlasting happiness.

And thank you for sharing why Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, and what makes Las Vegas the BEST PLACE to celebrate your love.

Because in Las Vegas you can create whatever you want for your special day from the BIG GRAND WEDDING to the INTIMATE MICRO WEDDING–the possibilities are endless, and the best part is you are able to get a complete honeymoon experience + you don’t have to worry about entertaining your guests after you walk down the aisle–they have so much they can do too!

Come to celebrate your love in Las Vegas, you like JLO, won’t regret it!

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