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Choose Your Las Vegas Wedding Venue

How much do wedding venues in Las Vegas cost?

On average in 2021 couples spent anywhere from the low end of $3,000-$11,000 for their all-inclusive weddings. However, because Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world you can pretty much find any type of venue, but you can also find any venue to meet your budget. At Chapel of the Flowers, we do provide all-inclusive wedding packages that start anywhere from $299-$9,000. There is such a wide range of services and premiere upgrades to create the perfect day for you and your fiance. We are here to create magical moments for you and your family, and to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.

How much does it cost to elope in Las Vegas?

The prices to elope in Las Vegas can vary all the way from $25.00 and up to $30,000+. It all depends on location or venue, and what services you feel are a must for your special day. So like traditional ceremonies, there is no true one size fits all when it comes to an elopement or micro-wedding. You get to make it whatever you want it to be. At Chapel of the Flowers we have elopement packages for as low as $95.00.

Are there Micro-wedding venues in Vegas?

Yes! There are micro-wedding venues in Vegas. You can arrange to have your ceremony in a fun mansion, or do something wild like a tiki lounge, or you could stick to something more traditional like a smaller venue here at Chapel of the Flowers that is perfect for a more intimate setting.

What type of wedding venues are available in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, if you haven’t heard, is the Wedding Capital of the world. With a variety of different venue types ranging from gorgeous outdoor backdrops like Red Rock Canyon, lush country clubs, quaint casino chapels, or climate-controlled tranquil beauties such as the Glass Gardens here at Chapel of the Flowers.

Which wedding venues in Las Vegas are good for families?

Chapel of the Flowers welcomes families and or guests of all ages! Our venues are safe for all ages and families. The best part of our venues is that our property is designated for wedding ceremonies only! So we can manage and maintain the space–making sure that you and your guests don’t have to be interrupted or can avoid seeing loud pool goers who might have had a bit too much to drink.

Can you still get married by Elvis in Vegas?

If one of your dreams is to get married in true Vegas style–and by true Vegas style of course we mean married by Elvis!! Chapel of the Flowers has Elvis wedding packages that are designed to elevate the traditional wedding ceremony, and create an entertaining, fun, atmosphere.