Your Las Vegas Wedding: FAQs

Have a few questions on your mind before picking out your favorite Chapel of the Flowers wedding venue? There's a list of commonly asked questions below, but if you still need a few answers before you're ready to reserve your wedding slot, feel free to contact us at any time.

Booking Policies

What type of payment is required to book a reservation?

We are very sensitive to the budget needs of all of our couples as we book your perfect ceremony plan. The amount of the payment will depend on what plan you have chosen. The required payment varies according to wedding package price and ranges from $100 up to $1000. We understand that sometimes events in life are unpredictable and can cause an unforeseen delay or cancellation of your special day, so we are more than willing to accommodate you and put your payment on reserve for up to one year as long as we receive a minimum of fourteen days' notice.

When is the full package payment due?

In order to give you the special day you are hoping for, we require that your balance be paid thirty (30) days prior to your ceremony. If you have a balance thirty (30) days prior to your ceremony and we do not hear from you and/or cannot get a hold of you, it is possible that your ceremony, or additional wedding products and services, may be cancelled. We require the remaining balance of your ceremony to be paid 30 days prior to the ceremony date. If you book within 30 days of your ceremony, you will be asked to pay the full amount at the time that you book the ceremony.

Are the Minister fee and other Gratuities included in the Package Price?

They are not; the suggested Fees and Gratuities for your Staff Members are in addition to the cost of the package. The Minister's Fee is $70, the Photographer's Gratuity is suggested at $30-$90 depending on the Photo Session you choose to incorporate, and the Limo Driver's suggested Gratuity is $40 (or $50 if your transportation includes a stop at the Las Vegas Sign).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,(a nominal processing fee will apply) or if you prefer, you may send a money order. When sending a money order, please include the last names of the couple and your plan number. We do not accept personal checks.

What are your rescheduling policies?

A Rescheduling Fee is waived:
For your first change of date, time, or chapel if you call more than fourteen (14) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.

A Rescheduling Fee of $100 will be charged:
1. For all additional changes of date, time or wedding chapel made more than fourteen (14) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.
2. For your first change of date, time or wedding chapel if you call less than fourteen (14) days prior to your confirmed ceremony date and time.
3. If your wedding must be rescheduled because you are late for your wedding or your limousine pickup.
4. If you contact us within fourteen (14) days of your confirmed ceremony date and time, and you want to move your ceremony to another date less than fourteen (14) days from your original date.

Rescheduling will not be allowed:
If you contact us within fourteen (14) days of your ceremony date and time, and want to reschedule your ceremony to another date more than fourteen (14) days from the original date and time. If you need to reschedule under these circumstances, you must purchase an entirely new ceremony plan, as we will have already prepared for your ceremony with staff, products, and services.

What are your cancellation policies?

If you cancel your ceremony more than thirty (30) days before your originally confirmed date and time, we will gladly refund all payments except for your initial booking payment of the required package deposit and venue fee. However, all amounts paid become non-refundable within(30) days of your initially confirmed date and time. Once within the 30 day window of the original booking date, only credit will be given for date changes and are subject to rescheduling fees and additional policies below.

Bridal Beauty

How do I make an appointment for my hair and makeup?

If you would like to have your hair and/or makeup professionally done for your wedding day, we do have preferred stylists and artists we can arrange for you.. Please give your Personal Wedding Planner a call to go over details and to set your appointment.


How long is the ceremony?

The actual ceremony is about eight to twelve minutes long, depending on the minister and whether it is a civil or religious ceremony. Prior to the ceremony, you will be greeted by your "day of" ceremony coordinator and given your flowers. You will meet with your minister to personalize your ceremony, and then with your photographer to review your photo selections. We believe that we have fantastic ministers who perform sincere, wonderful ceremonies. We encourage you to watch live weddings on our website in order to get a feel for what your ceremony will be like.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes, you may. We believe that each of our ministers performs a beautiful ceremony, and that your own vows are certainly not necessary. However, if you feel strongly about writing your own wedding vows we are happy to accommodate you. In order to do this, you need to submit your vows through your online personal profile at least one week in advance so that our head minister can look over them. Please keep in mind that your wedding Vows are the promises that you are making to one another, and as such the space provided is limited to 1000 characters each. Should this not be enough space, you might consider following the tradition of giving each other a hand written note before the ceremony with your sentiments, or reading them as a toast at your reception. Due to our time constraints and with respect for the schedule for all of our couples, we cannot extend the time or space allotted for personal vows without purchase of additional chapel time. Please see your wedding planner for more details.

What is the candle lighting ceremony?

During the ceremony, the couple will be asked to each take a candle and together light a center candle. This is a beautifully symbolic representation of you as individuals becoming one. After the ceremony, we wrap the candle that you lit together and give it to you to take home. We suggest that you light it again on anniversaries as a renewal of your love for one another.

What music do you play?

Chapel of the Flowers welcomes you to provide your own music to personalize your Las Vegas wedding. If you do choose to provide your own music, please make sure to upload the music to your wedding profile, by attaching the correct version of the song using a youtube link. You will be able to clarify which song you would like to be played when, for example, Play X song as we exit the chapel. Please note that each selection will play for approximately 30-45 seconds, and our Audio/Video tech will fade each song in and out accordingly. We ask that you do not edit the songs, as the time frame they are played may vary. Following is when the music will be played throughout your ceremony:

1. Guests Entrance
2. Groom Entrance
3. Bride Entrance
4. Unity Candle ceremony (this is for indoor ceremonies only and instrumentals are recommended)
5. Pronouncement of the married couple
6. As the couple exits from the chapel to conclude the ceremony

Alternatively, you can book an organist, guitarist, harpist, violinist or "Elvis" to play live music for your ceremony.

Can you provide a translator for my ceremony?

Yes, we have translators available for most languages. The cost is generally around $150, but it depends on the requested language. In order to have time to reserve a translator, please make your request at least a week before the ceremony. Contact your wedding planner for details.

Can we video tape with our own cameras during the ceremony?

Chapel of the Flowers embraces the Unplugged Ceremony concept. With cell phones and technology so readily available, it's tempting for guests to have their phones or cameras out in attempt to capture the event. We have found that this greatly diminishes the experience and emotion as well as the quality of the professional photography and video provided with the wedding packages. We believe that your family and friends attending your Las Vegas Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony should be able to sit back and enjoy the commitment you and your fiancé; are making while letting the professionals work. We want you and your guests to be in the moment. Let us take care of the rest. In order for us to provide the best possible ceremony video we ask that guests not film during the ceremony.

What if the two of us do not want to see each other prior to the ceremony?

Upon arriving at the chapel, you and your fiancé will meet together with your minister,"day of" ceremony coordinator, and photographer to go over any last minute details. If you wish to remain separated before the ceremony, you MUST pre-arrange our First Look Service. The Chapel must be prepared to keep you in different locations and ensure that you do not see one another before the ceremony. This is an optional upgrade, but it must be added and paid for prior to your ceremony.

Am I going to have a religious or civil ceremony? What is the difference between the two?

It is your choice whether you have a religious or civil ceremony. All of our ministers are non-denominational ordained ministers. Their religious ceremonies incorporate scriptures from the Bible, and generally a prayer blessing your marriage. A civil ceremony does not mention God, but rather focuses solely on your relationship together. Prior to your ceremony you will meet with your minister, and one of the things they will discuss is whether you would like a religious or a civil ceremony.

Can we have a wedding rehearsal?

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of weddings that we perform, we do not perform wedding rehearsals.

What is the difference between a legal marriage and a commitment ceremony?

A legal marriage is the joining of two people in matrimony by a person qualified by law to perform the ceremony (a minister, priest, judge, justice of the peace or some similar official), after the couple has obtained a valid marriage license, issued in the State of Nevada, and presented that upon their arrival to the Chapel for their ceremony.

A commitment ceremony is a ceremony in which a couple publicly declare their commitment to each other without getting legally married.

Chapel of the Flowers welcomes both legal marriages and commitment ceremonies. If participating in a commitment ceremony, you will be asked to sign a waiver stating you understand that the commitment is not recognized by the government and thus not legally binding.

Chapel of the Flowers Property

Can we have Champagne after our ceremony?

For your convenience, our chapel has a liquor license to sell champagne but we are prohibited from allowing consumption on our property. We recommend that you purchase a unique celebratory bottle in our gift shop to enjoy at your hotel or wedding reception for your champagne toast and celebration. Our gift shop also has beautiful champagne flutes as an added keepsake for your wedding toast. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Is there somewhere for my guests to park?

Our Chapel does have limited parking available for you and your guests. Please remember that Saturdays are our busiest day of the week so parking spaces can fill quickly. If there are no spaces available, guests may park next door against the shared wall in the 7-Eleven parking lot or across the street at White Cross.

Where can my guests wait before and after the ceremony?

We ask that guests make themselves comfortable and enjoy each other's company inside our lobby or on our grounds until your wedding chapel is ready for them to be seated. After the ceremony, your guests will be escorted back outside while the two of you take posed photos inside the wedding chapel. Please make your guests aware that the chapel's lobby has limited seating so we recommend they dress appropriately should they have to wait outdoors.

Wedding and Reception Flowers

Can I customize my wedding flowers?

Yes, our on-site Las Vegas wedding florists are happy to help you customize your wedding flowers. Our florists are amazing! We often have couples who drag their flowers clear across the country only to discover that our flowers are much more beautiful and much less expensive. Most changes and additions can be made up to a week or two before your wedding. For unusual flowers or elaborate special requests please allow us at least two weeks. Click here to see our variety of floral options.

What flower colors do you offer?

We can provide ANY color! The traditional colors we offer are red, white and pink. However, you can have any color you want with advanced notice, and a nominal fee. Because we must special order any colors other than red, white and pink, we do charge a one-time fee of $20.00 per special color requested. This fee covers all of the flower arrangements in your wedding plan.

Can I upgrade and add to my flower order?

Yes! Our professional floral department can design anything you want to make your flower-related dreams come true.

Can I bring in my own flowers?

If you chose to bring in your own flowers there will be a $100 fee applied to your wedding plan. We ask that you have distributed your flowers prior to arriving to the chapel. Our team will not be liable for the distribution of flowers. Please note that we do not accept deliveries or hold flowers from an outside vendor.

General Information

We're eloping. Can you provide a witness for our ceremony?

Just the two of you traveling to Las Vegas to say "I do"? The state of Nevada requires a witness for your Las Vegas ceremony to be legal, and we're happy to provide a witness upon request. Just let your planner know and we'll take care of this important detail at no charge!

When do I take care of the minister's fee?

After your ceremony you will meet with your minister again in the minister's office to discuss how you and your fiancé can obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You will have a chance to ask your minister any questions concerning the steps to take for changing your name and any other questions you might have. Once all of your questions have been answered, your minister will present you with an envelope for a minister fee. Your minister will then leave the room so that you can discreetly pay whatever amount you think is appropriate for their services. We recommend a fee of at least $70. Your minister will also personally deliver all of your documents to the Clark County Recorder's Office where your marriage will be legally documented.

I don't live in the United States. Will my ceremony video work when I take it home?

Yes, it will. All of our wedding ceremonies are recorded in regionless format so they should work in any country.

May I have an outdoor ceremony?

Yes. We provide many outside Las Vegas wedding chapels, from the Gazebo on our grounds, to all the way at the Grand Canyon. In addition, our Glass Gardens chapel is a beautiful space with the feeling of being outdoors, but is actually an indoor, climate controlled chapel, which makes it a perfect setting at any time of the year!

For our Gazebo, we schedule the ceremonies between 9am - 11am and after 8pm to avoid the other couples who have scheduled the grounds for photos and visiting with family and friends. We do not recommend more than 20 guests for the Gazebo, as it may be difficult for them to hear your ceremony. This area is lighted for your photos at night - you will even have the Stratosphere Tower in the background! In the Gazebo, potential fire hazards prevent us from performing a unity candle lighting ceremony. If your ceremony is scheduled in the Gazebo, we will also reserve the Victorian Chapel for you as a back-up in case of inclement weather.

If you would like videography for your Gazebo wedding, a videographer must be added to your Wedding Plan; this costs $200 on weekdays (Sun - Thurs) and $220 on weekends (Fri - Sat) and includes a copy of your ceremony video.

An outdoor ceremony in Las Vegas can be a beautiful event. Although we do not want to discourage the Las Vegas weddings outside on our grounds, we do want you to know what to expect. Many couples choose to get married in one of our beautiful indoor wedding chapels and then to have photos taken on the grounds or other off-site locations. Please speak with your Personal Wedding Planner regarding the details and any questions about outdoor ceremonies.

How can I get a live singer to perform at my ceremony?

We are happy to arrange a live singer for you, or you may make your own arrangements for a singer. If you do make your own arrangements, please let us know as soon as possible, as you may need to purchase extra time in the wedding chapel.

What is the First Look service?

Upon arriving at the wedding chapel, you and your fiancé will meet together with your minister, "day of" ceremony coordinator and photographer to go over any last minute details. If you wish to remain separated before the ceremony, you MUST pre-arrange our First Look Service. The Chapel must be prepared to keep you in different locations and ensure that you do not see one another before your reveal moment, just prior to or during your wedding ceremony. This is an optional upgrade, but it must be added and paid for prior to your ceremony.

Can you provide a wedding reception or celebration dinner after our ceremony?

We desire to make your Las Vegas wedding planning experience as easy on you as possible, and to do so we have partnered with some amazing reception venues and restaurants to assist you in planning your Las Vegas wedding reception or celebration dinner. Our off-site locations range from an upscale brewery or Mexican restaurant to private dining rooms in popular, award-winning restaurants. Any of these choices will provide you and your guests with a memorable reception to go along with your beautiful ceremony. Contact your Personal Wedding Planner.

I have found some coupons for different services at Chapel of the Flowers. How are these applied to my wedding plan?

Any coupons or discount offers must be presented at the time of your booking or before your final payment. Coupons and discounts will not be honored at a later date. Please email, fax or mail the coupon or discount offer to your wedding planner so it may be applied to your plan. Coupons can only be used towards additional wedding products or services. We cannot offer cash back.

What is your Consumer Privacy Policy?

Chapel of the Flowers does not sell or exchange personal consumer information with third parties.

Will you give us a copy of our Marriage Certificate before we leave?

You will be given a decorative souvenir copy of your marriage certificate before leaving the Chapel. The Minister that performs your ceremony legally has 10 business days to file the official documents with the County Recorder. Once filed, you can order a certified copy of the marriage certificate (required for legal purposes such as change of name, insurance coverage, etc.) directly from the County Recorder's Office at a cost of $15 per copy. (Price is subject to change. Please check the County Recorder's Office for updated pricing.) The County Recorder will then mail this to the address on your documents. Typically, you receive your Certified Copies within 3-4 weeks following the date that you place the order with the County Recorder’s Office. If you need to have proof of legal marriage faster, we do offer an Expedited Service that can rush the process and have the certified copy of your marriage certificate ready for pick up or mail within 3-4 business days following your ceremony. Please note that some countries will also require an apostille in conjunction with your certified copy; you may want to verify this with your local government agencies.

How do I get my marriage license?

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau at the Regional Justice Center (201 Clark Avenue) is about 12 blocks from our chapel towards downtown Las Vegas. The cost is $102. (Price effective as of July 2021 and is subject to change.) This must be paid in cash. The two of you need to be together, and you both need to have picture identification showing that you are over 18. We suggest that you get this at least the day prior to the wedding. The marriage license is valid up to one year from the issue date. You can find driving directions posted on our website here. To fill out your application to get married in Las Vegas ahead of time, go to and click on "Get a Marriage License" under the “Popular Services” menu. From there, you can select a link to take you to the application, which you can print, fill out and bring with you to the Marriage License Bureau. We cannot perform your legal marriage ceremony unless you have a valid Clark County Marriage License presented to your officiant at the time of your ceremony.

You must have a Nevada State Marriage License prior to your wedding in Las Vegas and provide it at the time of your ceremony, or at your consultation. We are unable to perform a legally binding wedding without a Nevada State Marriage License. If you do not have a Nevada State Marriage License prior to your ceremony, your ceremony will be cancelled, moved to a later time (pending your purchase of a Nevada State Marriage License), or performed as a non-legally binding "Commitment Ceremony", based on availability. Keep in mind, the next available time may be the following day. Please review our Rescheduling and Cancellation policies.

RENEWAL OF VOWS: Vow Renewals in Las Vegas do not require a marriage license, but you will be asked to prove you are legally married.

Can you take us to get our marriage license?

Yes! Talk to your Personal Wedding Planner about our VIP Consultation Service. For just $85, you will be picked up at your hotel, brought to the wedding chapel for a personal consultation and tour of our wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and taken to the Regional Justice Center to obtain your marriage license. Please note that the VIP Consultation Service does not include the cost of the marriage license itself.

*It is necessary to contact your planner to schedule a VIP Consultation Service. This service is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Saturday - Sunday, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

If you are not able to use the VIP Consultation Service, you must be sure to get your marriage license on your own, in advance of preparing for your arrival at the Chapel for your ceremony. This will help assure that your ceremony begins on time. Your wedding planner would be more than happy to assist you with directions and information about what is required at the Regional Justice Center.

Where can I find my Plan ID?

To find your Plan ID you will first need to log into your Account. Once logged in click on the tab named "Account" and view the top left-hand corner of the screen to find your wedding's personal Plan ID.


My video has little or no motion

Your Internet connection has changed or fluctuated from Internet traffic and congestion. If the video does not start playing properly within 30 seconds, try stopping/starting the player or try closing the browser and clicking on the video web link again. In order to view streaming video on the Internet, you need to be using a high-speed connection, like cable or DSL.

How do I watch a live wedding?

1. Click on "View A Ceremony" on the home page.
2. Enter the correct date and click "Go."
3. Find the wedding in the list and click on the couple's name.
4. You may be prompted to provide your email address. This is optional if the couple would like to keep a guest list. You can also choose to opt-in to the chapel future email addresses. If you are not interested in providing your email address, just click "View Wedding" to skip that step.
5. Your video will start playing automatically when the ceremony starts.

How do I watch a pre-recorded wedding at Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas?

• If the live broadcasting of a wedding video has ended, the couple may have purchased extra viewing time. If this is the case, you can watch the wedding for free until their free viewing time ends.
• If the couple has not purchased additional internet viewing time, the cost to view the video is $10 per viewing.
• Please see "How do I watch a live wedding?" for specific instructions on how to get to the couple's wedding page.

What types of Internet services are offered?

• With many ceremony packages, we will broadcast your wedding LIVE on the Internet at no charge. After these ceremonies, we upload your wedding onto the server of a sister company for the duration of time included in your package. After this time, it becomes pay-per-view.
• You can purchase additional video broadcasting packages, should your ceremony package not include this, or you desire additional broadcast time.
• *Please note that occasionally, technical difficulties prevent us from broadcasting ceremonies immediately. Should that occur, we will gladly extend the viewing for double the time you purchased.

What do I need to watch a wedding at Chapel of the Flowers?

You will need a current version web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. Please test your video player by watching other weddings prior to your scheduled ceremony.

My audio is fine, but video has no motion, just still pictures.

Your Internet connection is not fast enough to sustain video play. You will need to find somewhere to watch the video that has a high-speed connection, like cable or DSL. If you only have dial-up, you may need to purchase a download of the video. This can also occur if your connection speed fluctuates due to Internet traffic and congestion.

Limousine Transportation at Chapel of the Flowers

How many people can the limousine accommodate?

Each limousine can hold a maximum of 8 people.

Can we have drinks in the limousine?

Our wedding chapel does not have a license to consume alcohol. This prohibits us from allowing any open containers of alcohol in the limousine or anywhere else on the property. While we do sell champagne in our gift shop, we ask that you return to your hotel or to your wedding reception for your champagne toast and celebration. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

How long is the Las Vegas Strip tour?

The Las Vegas Strip tour is usually between 20 to 30 minutes. This depends mostly on traffic and to which hotel we will be returning you after your tour of the Strip. Please be advised that the tour does not include stops along the way, other than at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.

Is it possible to get a second limousine?

Yes, we do provide two complimentary limousines with some of our Las Vegas wedding packages, such as: the Luxurious Ceremony, Cherish Ceremony, and Cara Mia Ceremony. We are happy to help you arrange additional transportation as needed. Ask your wedding planner about our options for additional transportation for up to 8, 26, or even 55 passengers!

Also, if you and your fiancé prefer not to see each other before the ceremony and have only one limousine included with your ceremony package, you can add the Deluxe First Look Service to your ceremony plans for $200. This service includes the regular First Look Service, 16 Hours of Additional Internet Viewing Time and a courtesy second limousine. With this option, you and your fiancé can then arrive in separate limousines to ensure that you both arrive in style! Please ask your wedding planner for more details.

How does the limousine service work and what does it include?

We have beautiful stretch limousines that seat up to eight people. Your limousine driver will call you in your hotel room approximately 45 to 60 minutes before your ceremony time to let you know when he will pick you up and from what hotel entrance. He will then pick you up at the time and location advised during your call, and bring you to the wedding chapel for your ceremony. After your ceremony and any photos here on our grounds, he will return you to your hotel. When you arrive to Las Vegas and have checked into your hotel, please call the Chapel with your room number so that your driver will be able to contact you. Cell phone coverage in Las Vegas is unreliable, and cannot be relied upon for a call as important as this on your wedding day.

*Our license restricts us to picking up only from hotels along the Strip or Downtown. If your hotel is not in either of these areas, please check with your wedding planner for alternatives.

How do I get taxi cabs for my guests or myself to return to the hotel? Can you call a taxi for me?

While taxi cabs are plentiful in Las Vegas, they are not allowed to stop along the Strip. In the past, when we have called cabs to our wedding chapel, they can take 30-60 minutes to arrive. We suggest, instead, that someone in your party walk to the Stratosphere and wait in their taxi line, and then bring it back to the chapel to pick up the remaining guests. It is only a five-minute walk to the Stratosphere, but keep in mind that the extreme heat we experience in Las Vegas can make this an unpleasant walk. You might want to consider having limousine service from us or another company instead, even if there are only a few people in your party. Another popular option for our guests is to use a service such as Uber or Lyft, whose response time is typically much faster than a taxi service.

How long do I have the limousine?

Your limousine is only available to you for pick up from your hotel to the chapel, and back to your hotel after your ceremony. Unfortunately, we do not have the same licensing as a charter service and are not permitted to provide transportation at an hourly rate with our in house limos that are included in our packages. We do however have options for adding a charter limo, shuttle, or bus to your plan for up to 4 hours of time.

Does the limousine drive down the Las Vegas Strip?

If you would like to drive down the Strip we do have the Wedding Ceremony and Strip Tour with famous Las Vegas Sign available. With this package your driver will take you on a tour down the Strip, after your ceremony, before returning you back to your hotel. We also have the Ultimate Ceremony and Photo Shoot at Las Vegas Sign, which also includes a photo shoot with your wedding Photographer at the Las Vegas Sign. With any other package that includes limousine service the driver will most likely not drive down the Strip for pick up or drop off.

Where should I meet the limousine?

Your driver will call you in your hotel room 45 to 60 minutes prior to your wedding ceremony. He will give you instructions as to where to meet him for your pick-up. We ask that you please be sure to be dressed and ready one hour prior to your ceremony, as it will take considerable time to make your way through the large Las Vegas Resorts to your pickup location. Please be waiting in your hotel room for your driver’s call, as he will be giving you very important instructions that you do not want to miss.

Where will the limousine pick up and drop off?

Our limousines are able to pick up from and drop off to any hotel on the Strip or Downtown. Our limousines are not able to pick up from any residential areas. If you are not sure if the limousine will go to your hotel, please call one of our wedding planners for more information.

What if I cannot utilize the limousine service, or do not have a limousine included in my wedding package?

If you will not be using the limousine service, but would like to arrive by limousine, please contact your Wedding Planner to discuss options for adding a limousine to your package for your very special day. If you will be renting a car, we do have limited parking available on the Chapel property. However you choose to arrive for your ceremony, we do ask that you and your guests arrive 20-25 minutes prior to the time that your ceremony is booked.

Limo Car Seat Policy

We are a family oriented company and care about the safety of children riding in our vehicles. If you are travelling with a child (or children) who require a child safety seat, we recommend that you provide the seat(s) best suited for your child(ren). However, each limo is equipped with one car seat for your convenience. Please ask your Wedding Planner about the availability of additional car seats if they are required. We do not provide infant seats. The car seat we provide is suitable for children between the ages of one and six, weighing between 22 and 80 pounds. We do ask that you install the car seat in the vehicle. Due to safety regulations our drivers are not permitted to assist in the installation of the seats.


What photos will I be receiving?

Every ceremony package includes a different number of "printed candid 4x6 ceremony photos." However, our Photographers will always take more photos than you have included with your wedding package so that you can choose your favorites. Some examples of candid ceremony photos include the photos done as you are exchanging your vows, lighting your unity candle or exchanging rings.

We also offer Photography Sessions if you would like to spend additional time with the photographer following the ceremony to enjoy a photo shoot with the two of you, take group photos, family photos, wedding party photos, etc. If you have reserved a Photography Session, your photographer will take these photos with you following your ceremony.

See also: Photography Products
And: Photography Sessions

Can I have my guests take photos?

Guest Photos / Filming
Chapel of the Flowers embraces the Unplugged Ceremony concept. With cell phones and technology so readily available, it’s tempting for guests to have their phones or cameras out in an attempt to capture the event. We believe that your family and friends should be able to sit back and enjoy the commitment you and your fiancé are making while letting our team of professional photographers and videographers capture your special day.

GUEST PHOTOS/FILMING: If the couple permits, guests can use their cell phone to take photos and record or livestream the ceremony from the comfort of their seats. We do not allow guests to walk around during the ceremony as they may interfere with the ceremony and/or the staff of professional photographers/videographers who are capturing your special day.

OUTSIDE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Outside Photography is permitted at an additional pre-paid cost of $500.00. We will provide direction to the contracted photographer on rules and policies for shooting during a ceremony. The Chapel is not held liable if the contracted photographer does not follow these policies.

When I get back home, can I have prints made?

Yes, you are welcome to re-order more prints and enlargements at any time from our Photo Gallery. If you have not purchased your Digital Copyrights you cannot make prints at another photo studio. If you do purchase your Digital Copyrights, you are welcome to make as many prints as you would like, through any photo studio or printer. We keep your digital images for approximately six months, during which time you may order reprints, enlargements, or the Digital Copyrights. The Chapel does have a copyright on the photos, even when you buy your Digital Copyrights.

When can I pick up my photos?

When you come for your wedding ceremony, your coordinator will schedule a Photo Appointment for you to come back and see your photos, available as soon as the next day. If you are not available for a Photo Appointment before you leave Las Vegas, we will be happy to schedule a webinar photo viewing appointment for once you have returned home. We will then mail you your selected photos. Shipping charges vary depending upon where you live.

Can I get Black & White or Sepia photos?

You may order any enlargements in Color, Black & White or Sepia tone. Please ask your wedding planner for more information.

Can I purchase my negatives?

We do all of our photography in digital format. Instead of negatives, you are welcome to purchase Digital Copyrights on a thumb-drive with all of your wedding day photos on it. The cost of the thumb-drive starts at $695 for one photographer and goes up from there with a second photographer. With the thumb-drive, you get the digital file and the copyright to each of your images. Make copies to send to your family or email the pictures to friends – having the Digital Copyrights of your wedding photography makes it easy to share your big day with those closest to you!

Can I bring my own photographer?

We believe that our photographers are truly fantastic, and that our prices are a bargain for the top-quality photography that you will receive. To see their work, click here. Because we are so confident that you will love our photography, we do not allow non-chapel photographers. If you would like more photos than are included in your wedding package, please look over our Photography Sessions, or call us at 1-800-843-2410 to create a session of your own.

How can I view my photos online after the ceremony?

• Go to our homepage at
Click on "View A Ceremony"
• Change the listed wedding date to your wedding date
• Click on "Go"
• Find your names on the list of weddings that took place on that date
• Click on your names
• See photos under "Wedding Photos"

How much does it cost to have my photos shipped?

• Shipping costs vary depending on where you live.
• Standard US first class shipping $29.97
• Standard International shipping $39.97
• You can request to have your shipping expedited for an additional amount.
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Can I have group or family shots taken?

Wedding party shots are available with our Sunflower Photography Session and above. Group and/or family shots are available with our Violet Photography Session and above. Please ask your wedding planner for Photography Session suggestions.

Your Las Vegas Wedding at Chapel of the Flowers

Is there a limit to how many guests can attend my wedding?

Guest Maximum varies depending on the capacity of the wedding chapel you've chosen, and not the ceremony package.

*A guest is anyone attending the wedding other than the wedding couple, including members of the wedding party.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase One

After arriving into town and checking into your hotel we ask that you do two things. First, we would like you to call us with your room number to confirm the details of your wedding. Second, you must go to the Regional Justice Center (201 Clark Ave) to get your marriage license, if you are expecting a legally binding ceremony. We cannot marry you legally if you do not have the marriage license! You must get the license in the State of Nevada.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Two

On the day of the wedding we ask you be dressed and ready, in your hotel room and off the phone approximately one hour prior to your specified wedding time. During this time the driver will call you in your hotel room to tell you exactly where and when to meet him. He will pick you up at the time and location he states during this call. You MUST be in your room to take his call, as cell phone coverage is far too unreliable in Las Vegas to ensure that this vital information get clearly communicated to you. If you do not have limo service in your plan, we ask that you, and all of your guests, arrive 20-25 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please be prompt. Also, please take traffic and parking into consideration - especially on weekends and holidays.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Three

When the two of you arrive to the wedding chapel, you will be asked to fill out some required documentation. Until the chapel is ready for your party, we ask your guests to remain outside on our grounds or in our lobby so we can maintain a quiet atmosphere in the chapel. Once your paperwork is completed, the coordinator will present you with your flowers and introduce the two of you to your minister and photographer. At this time, you will go over the details of your ceremony. This includes an explanation of all your documents, whether you would like a civil or religious ceremony, and what photos are included with your package. While you are doing this, your guests will be seated. When you are done, the coordinator will advise you and your wedding party where to stand, when to walk, and any other details (for example: if you bring a special CD that you want to walk down the aisle to). At this point, it is time for your ceremony to begin. Please understand that your wedding time is an estimate, and the actual ceremony may start up to five minutes either before or after your scheduled time.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Four

After the ceremony you will meet with the minister once more. He or she will then provide you with information on how to obtain the certified copy of your marriage certificate. You will have a chance to ask him or her any questions concerning the steps to take for changing your name as well as any other questions you may have regarding your Las Vegas wedding. Once all of your questions have been answered, he or she will present you with an envelope for the minister fee. He or she will then leave the room so that you can discreetly pay him or her whatever amount you think is appropriate for his or her services. The customary and suggested amount is $70. If you have reserved a Photography Session, you will then be escorted back into the chapel by your photographer to begin your photo shoot. During this time, your guests will once again be asked to wait outside on our grounds or in our lobby. Upon finishing your photos inside the chapel, your wedding photographer will lead you outside to take photos of the two of you, and some with your guests if your Photography Session includes such. In all, you will spend about 15-20 minutes with your Photographer (or longer depending on your Photography Session) after the ceremony has finished. Then, you will go back to the coordinator or to the gift shop to checkout. You will receive the souvenir copy of your marriage certificate, and any other items that had been arranged, such as your ceremony video, the candle you lit together, etc. You will also be provided with envelopes for gratuities. For transportation provided on your wedding day, most couples choose to give $40 - $50 per driver. For your photographer, each couple is unique in their photo session needs, and therefore it is hard to generalize a suggested amount. Please ask your personal wedding planner for the suggested amount for the length of photo session you have organized. The suggested gratuity can range from $30-$90.

Your Vegas Wedding: Phase Five

We want to make your wedding day as beautiful and enjoyable as possible, so it's important to familiarize yourself with your on-property timeline. Your reservation is scheduled for 30 minutes. The ceremony itself is about 8-10 minutes. The remaining time is used in taking your wedding photos, filling out your documents, and meeting with the minister and photographer. Please honor the time that you have been given and ask your wedding party and guests to do the same. We will do all we can to make your wedding day perfect, but we need your help in order to do that! Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures to avoid any surprises. We want everything at your Las Vegas wedding to be just perfect!

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