Love for Any Age: A Guide to Remarriage, Vow Renewal & Wedding Ideas for Older Couples

Older Couple Wedding IdeasThere is no expiration date on love — so don’t be afraid to celebrate it with a little RE-DO, and say ‘I do’, again! Whether you have been married for 20 years, divorced (because the first or second time didn’t work), or finding love for the first time at an older age; older couples are “tying the knot” or renewing their wedding vows more regularly in recent years. Regardless of your situation, it’s never too late to celebrate your love!

Remarriage: Two, Three, or Four Time’s a Charm

Second Marriage Wedding IdeasSome people find love more than once in their life. Sometimes certain relationships just don’t work out. Some couples find that they are not compatible, and often end up divorcing their first love. In other unfortunate events, ‘death does part’, and a person may become widowed.

If cupid’s arrow has struck again, and you found “the one” you want to grow old with; than why not take the plunge?

Wedding Vows - Vow Renewal | Second Marriage | Older Couple Wedding IdeasRe-Marriage Planning Tips:

  1. Wedding Vows: Your vows should be meaningful and different than your first marriage. If you don’t plan on writing your own vows, pick something that isn’t generic and has depth. Here are a couple remarriage wedding vows.
  2. Kids: You may have small children or adult kids from your previous marriage, make sure to include them on your special day with these great ideas.
  3. Wedding Location: In most cases, people that marry more than once don’t have huge weddings the second time around. Consider eloping in Vegas, or have a destination wedding.

Vow Renewals: “I Do”, Take Two

Older Couple Wedding IdeasA vow renewal can be a great way to reaffirm the love you have for one another… it’s a true milestone, and one that should be celebrated! Here are some tips on how to share this momentous life event with your loved ones.

  1. Pair it with Your Anniversary: What better day to renew your everlasting vows of love and commitment than on your wedding anniversary? Make your initial wedding day even more memorable by saying ‘I do’ to many more years on your special day! (plus, another anniversary reminder can’t hurt!)
  2. Invite the Whole Family: People get busy with their life, sometimes having a vow renewal is a great way to get everyone together. Planning Tip: Make sure to include your children/grandchildren in the ceremony… they will love it!
  3. Make it About You: Your wedding day was amazing, but it might have been stressful, and you were all about pleasing your loved ones. This time, make it fun and casual, and make it all about you and your love!

First Time Wedding: Love at Any Age

Older Couple Wedding IdeasYou waited your whole life to find the perfect partner, and you have been dreaming of this moment your entire life. Just because you never been married (and you are older than the average bride or groom), doesn’t mean you should settle for something generic.

  1. Budget: Just like any couple at any age, you will need to figure out the budget. Find what is important to have in your wedding, and how many guests you wish to have. Typically, first time weddings for older couples tend to be smaller… which means you can save money for a fancy honeymoon!
  2. Dress and Tuxedo: You may like what you see in magazines, but those models are way younger then yourself. Make sure to pick something that is flattering and fits your body shape. Sometimes what is trending, may not be the right choice for your wedding attire.
  3. Take the time: Make your wedding celebration a weekend event. Spread out your joyous event with a weekend filled with gatherings/activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. You have waited so long to say “I do”, why not take extra time to enjoy it?

Las Vegas Vow RenewalIt is never too late to celebrate love. Second weddings and vow renewals don’t have to be expensive. Take a trip to Vegas, and exchange your vows at a classic wedding chapel. Contact the wedding planners at Chapel of the Flowers for more information on all-inclusive wedding packages.

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