Marriage Proposal Ideas You Will Want to Steal

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas for this Holiday Season

“Will you marry me?” is a common phrase heard around the holidays. In fact, the holidays are the most popular time for marriage proposals. With family gatherings and various holiday parties, this is the best time to get down on one knee to make the ultimate gesture of love. Couples all over the world look to the holidays to pop the big question, so how will your proposal stand out from the rest? Here are some creative proposal ideas you can steal for your engagement moment.

 7 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas


Nesting Gift Box for Marriage Proposal IdeaNever Ending Gift Proposal

If you want to make your engagement memorable, why not give the best gift this holiday? The ultimate commitment to love! In order to make it a truly unique proposal, consider using the “Matryoshka” effect. Just like the Russian nesting dolls, you will want to find several boxes of multiple sizes (the goal is to make your “soon-to-be” believe that they will be getting a huge, extravagant gift!) As the unwrapping begins, they will discover smaller and smaller packages leading to… the ring and you proposing as they open the most precious gift of all. You can get these boxes at the Container Store.

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas | Use Flight Attendant to Help You with ProposalMile High Proposal

Whether you are visiting family or just having a nice getaway with your boyfriend/girlfriend, the holidays are prime travel days. Consider proposing high above the clouds over the plane’s loudspeaker or with assistance from the flight crew! Imagine surprising your family with your announcement. (Photo via wikimedia)

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas | Do a Facebook Live surprising everyone including family and friendsSocial Surprise Proposal

Since not all couples live in the same city as their family and friends, social media is often the ultimate outlet to keep in touch and stay updated on upcoming events. If you and your loved ones are big on social media, consider including it in your proposal. Make it a surprise to everyone by telling your future fiance that you would like to do a vlog or live broadcasting wishing all your friends and family a happy holiday. When you are in front of the screen and connected to all your loved ones, pop the question!

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas | Re-create First DateFirst Date Proposal

Do you remember your first date, or perhaps your first kiss? Take a trip down memory lane and use your first date to propose. Recreate that special day by visiting the same place and making it as close to that first date as possible. Maybe you had your first kiss at the end of that night, use this instance to not only re-live that kiss but to pose that unforgettable question, “will you marry me?”

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas | Theme Park ProposalTheme Park Proposal

Do you and your love share an interest in Star Wars, Disney, or perhaps a Comic series? Plan a trip to a theme park for your proposal. If you like to get extra nerdy, consider dressing up like your favorite characters and surprise your future fiance in front of your favorite attraction in a crowd of fans, just like you!

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas | Live Concert ProposalLive Show Proposal

Do the two of you have a passion for the arts? If music is that commonality that brings you two together, consider finding an orchestra, band, or choir to help you with your engagement! Surprise your “soon-to-be” by having a music group perform your favorite song and use this time to get on that knee and pop the question! If you are into stage performances and the theatre, get ahold of the stage manager of your favorite show and see if they would let you propose following curtain call.

>Ring Size Tool for Surprise Proposal IdeaFake-out Proposal

They say laughter can be a way to someone’s heart! Surprise your significant other by playing a light-hearted prank on them. You will have to come home with some type of ring sizing instrument. Ask to have them try it on (the idea of an engagement ring will become very obvious). You are likely to get a response of disappointment, “Why did you ruin the surprise?” Once you hear these words, pull the real ring out and give them the real surprise! Ring sizing toll available on Amazon.

There is no wrong way to say I love you, just make sure that is meaningful to both you and your future fiance. This is a day you will never forget. Take your personalities into consideration and make this a special moment. Now that you have found the perfect way to declare your love, you will want to start planning your wedding. Chapel of the Flowers is here to help you design an elegant Las Vegas wedding. Contact our experienced wedding planners today for more information on our all-inclusive wedding packages and top-of-the-line amenities.


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