A Story to Marvel At


Anthony and Emily Marvel have quite the Wedding Day story to go along with answering the question, “How was your morning so far?” After introducing myself to them, I asked the now-infamous question and Anthony proceeded to tell me about what happened earlier that day. Anthony asked their hotel to dry clean his white shirt so it’s perfect on their wedding day. The hotel ended up losing his white button-up shirt, and instead gave him a collared white shirt on loan for him to wear to the wedding. That’s not the end, yet!

Emily has her own story, too. It turns out that she forgot the Marriage License in their hotel room. While Anthony waited at valet, Emily ran up to the room to go get it. She decided she can run faster without shoes on. So, there she is running through the Bellagio to get their marriage license, and Hotel Security is running after her for not having any shoes on! Her retort was to yell back to them, “Well you shouldn’t have lost my fiancee’s shirt!”

I’m sure at the time Emily and Anthony weren’t thinking it was funny, but we had a great laugh over quite the morning they had once they were finally here and settled.



The two tied the knot in our Victorian Chapel on a beautiful morning. It was a quaint ceremony of just the two of them and their two friends who were able to be there in support, and to sign as their witnesses as well. Anthony and Emily are two people in love! I knew it from the moment I met them, and I was lucky enough to be Anthony and Emily’s wedding coordinator.


I wish them all the best in their future endeavors together.

By Chapel Marketing

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