Feelin’ Lucky in Vegas


Michaelyn and Joseph Bruer are feeling lucky in more ways than one! When Michaelyn stepped out of the limo, she was beaming. She just glowed with beauty. I loved her dress and her hair piece; she really was gorgeous from head to toe. Joseph looked very handsome. They seemed like the perfect match for each other!

Once Upon A Time

As a Wedding Coordinator here at Chapel of the Flowers, I have the opportunity to see couples’ dreams come true every day. Everyone is so different, and they have so many different aspects to what will make “their day” the most perfect day. It is so wonderful to be a small part of so many people’s lives! To make the best job in the whole world that much better, I was lucky enough to participate in a very special wedding of someone who is very important to me – my Mom!

Happy 50th Anniversary!


On November 19th, I had the joy of meeting a couple that have been married for 50 years! Nancy and Patricio Mena were celebrating their 50th anniversary with all their closest family members. Their son booked everything for them and contacted all of their family members, so that they could join them and watch as they renew vows in Las Vegas!

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed…


This is the first time I have taken the opportunity to write about any of our couples, so I couldn’t help but to decide on an experience that really stood out to me.

A Story to Marvel At


Anthony and Emily Marvel have quite the Wedding Day story to go along with answering the question, “How was your morning so far?” After introducing myself to them, I asked the now-infamous question and Anthony proceeded to tell me about what happened earlier that day. Anthony asked their hotel to dry clean his white shirt so it’s perfect on their wedding day. The hotel ended up losing his white button-up shirt, and instead gave him a collared white shirt on loan for him to wear to the wedding. That’s not the end, yet!

Starbucks Love


Corey and Theresa were married in our Victorian Chapel at 4PM on Saturday, August 6th, 2011. The couple arrived with only four guests, making it a very intimate celebration of their wedding. When Corey and Theresa arrived at the chapel, we went over a few details for the ceremony, and then they met with their minister, Jerry, and their photographer, Megan.

Patricia and James DeFilippis


Patricia always dreamed of finding her Prince Charming, but what she didn’t realize is that the whole time growing up he was just around the corner! They grew up in the same neighborhood, but they didn’t meet until about two years ago. James, her now husband, went off and started his life by marrying and going to dental school. However, he and his wife separated six years ago. Patricia knows that it’s all about timing and they weren’t meant to meet until two years ago. When that time came, she knew he was the one for her by their third date!

Latondra and Walter say “I Do!”


Latondra Jackson and Walter Brown had a very intimate ceremony of just the two of them on Saturday July 30th our Victorian Chapel. They both had such big and bright smiles that you could see how very much in love they are from miles away! Both Latondra and Walter have been married before, and Latondra was explaining to me how her first wedding was very stressful and hard to plan. She was thrilled that the planning process here at Chapel of the Flowers was super easy, while still being detail-oriented. We were so grateful to be able to plan a fabulous ceremony for just the bride and groom with no stress involved, and all of us staff did everything we could to give them the wedding they deserved!