Unveiling a Symphony of Love: Chapel of the Flowers Partners with The Voice Finalist Cali Tucker

Chapel of the Flowers, a renowned wedding destination in Las Vegas, is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Cali Tucker, a finalist on NBC’s The Voice Season 6. This unique partnership is set to elevate wedding ceremonies, infusing them with the enchanting melodies of Cali Tucker’s powerhouse voice.

A Musical Legacy:

As the niece of the legendary Tanya Tucker and the daughter of Capitol Records recording artist LaCosta Tucker, Cali Tucker carries a musical legacy that resonates with emotion and artistry. Her exceptional vocal talents have captured the hearts of many, making her a perfect addition to the magical atmosphere of wedding celebrations.

Serenading Love:

Cali Tucker will be serenading couples at Chapel of the Flowers with her soul-stirring renditions of timeless classics. Imagine exchanging vows to the heartfelt notes of “You’ve Got a Way” by Shania Twain, the romantic allure of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley, or the emotional depth of “All of Me” by John Legend. Cali’s repertoire offers a diverse selection, ensuring each couple’s ceremony is a uniquely personalized experience.

Creating Unforgettable Moments:

“We are beyond excited to bring Cali Tucker’s incredible talent to our wedding ceremonies. Her voice adds a level of emotion and beauty that will make each wedding day truly unforgettable,” expresses Cynthia Sharpe, Director of Storytelling at Chapel of the Flowers.

The collaboration between Chapel of the Flowers and Cali Tucker aims to provide couples with a musical experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Cali’s soulful performances will transform wedding ceremonies into symphonies of love, creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

Inquire About Your Musical Experience:

For couples seeking to add a touch of musical magic to their wedding day, Chapel of the Flowers invites inquiries about specific song options and availability. Cali Tucker’s involvement promises to make the journey into wedded bliss even more memorable.


The collaboration between Chapel of the Flowers and Cali Tucker is a harmonious union of musical talent and wedding elegance. As the curtain rises on this partnership, couples can anticipate not just a ceremony but a symphony of love, where every note resonates with the magic of their special day.

For more information about Cali Tucker’s performances at Chapel of the Flowers or to inquire about specific song options, please contact a wedding planner at 702-735-4331.

About Chapel of the Flowers:

Chapel of the Flowers has been crafting beautiful and elegant weddings since 1960. Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, it is celebrated for its stunning chapels, world-class photographers, and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Each wedding at Chapel of the Flowers is designed to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Planning a Vintage Glamour Wedding: Unleash the Charm of the Past!

Today, we’re stepping back in time to help you plan a Vintage Glamour Wedding.  Capture the essence of bygone eras, from the roaring ’20s to the fabulous ’50s. By infusing old-world charm and classic elegance into your special day, you can transport your guests to another time filled with pearls, velvet, and the soft tune of a saxophone.

Stepping into the Time Machine: Invitations

Begin setting the stage with your wedding invitations. For a Vintage Glamour theme, you might consider elegant letterpress invitations in shades of cream and gold, decorated with Art Deco or Gatsby-style motifs. Incorporate classic calligraphy and vintage stamps. Consider sealing your invitations with wax for a true old-world touch.

Creating a Bygone Ambience: Venue and Decorations

Choosing the right venue can significantly influence the overall feel of your wedding. Opt for venues that speak to the vintage era.  The Victorian Chapel in Las Vegas can fully support such a theme with its crystal chandeliers and wall lighting, flowing draperies, and experienced wedding planners.

Once you’ve secured your venue, it’s time to create an atmosphere dripping in vintage allure. A soft, muted color palette with pops of gold or silver can provide an excellent base for your decorations. Think delicate lace table runners, ornate candelabras, and gilded mirrors. The tables could be adorned with antique items like vintage cameras, gramophones, or typewriters.

The lighting is critical in creating an enchanting vintage ambiance. Decorate your venue with twinkling fairy lights and chandeliers dripping in crystals to capture that vintage sparkle. To add a dash of fun and authenticity, consider hiring a vintage car for your grand entrance or exit.

Glamour from Yesteryears: Dress and Attire

Nothing screams vintage glamour like the attire. For the bride, consider a gown with intricate lace details, a long train, and perhaps even a classy birdcage veil. Look for dresses that embody the elegance and charm of the chosen era. Pearls, sequins, and satin gloves are the perfect accessories to give that touch of old-world sophistication.

For the groom, a classic black tuxedo never fails to impress. A waistcoat, bow tie, and pocket square can be charming additions. If you’re feeling adventurous, a top hat could be the icing on the cake!

Don’t forget about your bridal party! Flapper dresses for the bridesmaids and suspenders for the groomsmen can add an extra touch of fun and authenticity.

Sway to the Old Tunes: Music and Entertainment

Music plays a significant role in setting the mood for your vintage glamour wedding. Consider hiring a jazz band to play classics from your chosen era. If you’re going for a ’20s vibe, a live swing band would also be an excellent choice. You could even offer a quick dance lesson to get your guests on the dance floor!

Delighting the Palate: Food and Drinks

Finally, keep the vintage theme alive with your food and drink choices. Plan a menu that reflects the classic dishes of the era. Hire a mixologist to create signature cocktails from the period. Think martinis, sidecars, or an old-fashioned.

And there you have it! By blending classic styles, nostalgic touches, and a dash of creativity, you’re all set to host a Vintage Glamour wedding that will transport your guests back in time. Stay tuned for more inspiring and entertaining posts from our Las Vegas wedding series!

Blossom Your Big Day: A Floral Wonderland at Chapel of the Flowers

At Chapel of the Flowers, we believe in turning wedding dreams into enchanting realities, and what better way to add that touch of magic than through the beauty of blossoms? 🌺👰💐

Dive into the Floral Extravaganza:
From fashion-forward bridal bouquets to exquisite bridesmaid flowers, boutonnieres, corsages, and stunning floral decor, we offer a splendid array of floral choices to make your Las Vegas wedding truly unforgettable. Our dedicated wedding planning team is here to guide you through an abundance of flower selections and color options, ensuring your wedding floral scheme is a manifestation of your dreams.

In-House Floral Design Team:
As our name suggests, Chapel of the Flowers boasts a full-service floral design team on-site for your Las Vegas wedding. Our professional florists continuously draw inspiration from the latest trends in wedding magazines and Pinterest to create pre-arranged bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and wedding décor that are not just beautiful but also fashion-forward.

Customize Your Blooms:
While we showcase a variety of bouquet styles on our website, we understand that each love story is unique. That’s why we empower you to customize your wedding flowers to your heart’s desire. Our floral design team is committed to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every petal reflects your style and personality.

Floral Elegance Included:
All our wedding packages come with the timeless beauty of wedding flowers. However, if you wish to go beyond the basics, our wedding experts are ready to assist you in customizing floral arrangements and décor that perfectly align with your vision. Our highly skilled wedding flower decoration team thrives on transforming almost any floral design into a reality.

🌼🌷 Your Floral Fantasy Awaits:
Whether you envision a romantic cascade of roses or a chic mix of wildflowers, Chapel of the Flowers is here to weave your floral fantasy into the fabric of your wedding day. Let the language of flowers speak volumes on your special day, creating memories as timeless as the blossoms that grace your celebration.

Contact us today to bloom your wedding with floral elegance that transcends imagination. Your love story deserves nothing less than a floral wonderland crafted by Chapel of the Flowers.

Give us a call at 217-MARRY-ME

And make sure to follow us on social media! @littlechapel for more content!

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Celebrate Love: Chapel of the Flowers’ Christmas Wedding Giveaway

The holiday season is known for spreading joy and warmth, and Chapel of the Flowers is embracing the festive spirit in a truly heartwarming way. This Christmas, the renowned wedding venue is giving back by offering a free dream wedding to one deserving couple.

The Greatest Gift: Love

As the age-old adage goes, the most treasured gift one can receive is love. At Chapel of the Flowers, where we believe in the enchanting power of love stories, we are delighted to extend an extraordinary opportunity to couples. This special chance invites them to weave their unique love narratives into a magical celebration of their union during this joyous holiday season.

Entering the Giveaway: A Simple Path to a Dream Wedding

Participating in this Christmas Wedding Giveaway is easy and requires a few simple steps:

Follow Us on Social Media:
Couples are invited to connect with Chapel of the Flowers on both Instagram and Facebook to become eligible for the giveaway.

Instagram: @littlechapel
Facebook: littlechapel

Share Your Love Story:
Comment on the giveaway announcement post with your unique love story. Share the special moments that define your journey as a couple and articulate what winning this free wedding experience would mean to you.

Spread the Joy:
Share the giveaway post with friends and family, encouraging them to vote or react to your love story. The couple with the most votes will be the lucky winners of the Free Wedding Experience.

The Gift of a Lifetime: What’s Included in the Free Wedding

The winning couple will be treated to an all-inclusive wedding experience featuring:

Wedding ceremony in our Victorian Chapel
18 Rose Hand Tied Bouquet
2 Rose Boutonnieres
Single Rose Presentation
Wedding Photography During The Ceremony
Regal 20 Minute On-Site Photo Session (Post Ceremony)
18 4X6 Candid Ceremony Prints
1 11X14 Print
Roundtrip Limousine Service
First Look Service
Personal Wedding Planner
Day of Wedding Coordinator
Traditional Wedding Music
Live Streaming of Your Ceremony (for indoor venues only)
2 Weeks of Internet Viewing

Feel free to enhance your ceremony to your heart’s content! Whether you’re considering upgrading your wedding venue, adding a delightful reception, or incorporating any other special touches, simply apply the $800 credit towards your chosen wedding package. The possibilities are endless as you customize your dream celebration.  Your preferences, your choices –make your wedding uniquely yours.

Key Dates:
Entry Deadline: 12/31/2023 at 9PM PST
Winner Announcement: Wednesday, 01/03/24
Wedding must take place on or before 12/30/24

The contest is open for couples already booked or looking to book a wedding at Chapel of the Flowers. If the winner has already booked or paid for the wedding, $800 can’t be credited/ refunded and must be used for additional wedding services/products including the photo gallery products. Grand prize can’t be used for minister fees or gratuities. Employees of the Chapel and immediate family or friends dwelling with an employee are not eligible.

About Chapel of the Flowers

Chapel of the Flowers, located in Las Vegas, is an award-winning wedding venue renowned for its picturesque settings and exceptional wedding experiences. With a legacy spanning decades, Chapel of the Flowers continues to create unforgettable moments for couples from around the world.

Join us in celebrating love this Christmas season. For more information, visit Chapel of the Flowers or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Unveiling Magical January Wedding Packages – Your Journey to “I DO”

As the new year unfolds its promise, we are ecstatic to share the joy of three enchanting January wedding package promotions at Chapel of the Flowers, each crafted to add a touch of magic to your wedding day. Brace yourselves for an all-inclusive wedding extravaganza, promising unforgettable moments that will be etched in your hearts forever.


January Wedding Package Promotions:

Winter Enchantment All-Inclusive Package – $888.00:

Your wedding ceremony, photo session, and more, all wrapped up in one magical package! The inclusions for this package include:

  • $200 Hotel or Dinner Credit: Immerse yourself in the heart of Las Vegas with a stay at one of our partner hotels or indulge in the perfect dining experience post your first kiss as a married couple or your wedding ceremony
  • Wedding Ceremony: Say “I do” in the most enchanting setting
  • Wedding Floral: Elevate the beauty of your ceremony
  • 20-Minute Photo Session + 14 4×6 Candid Ceremony Prints: Capture the magic with professional photography. Your 20-minute photo session will ensure you get the perfect snapshots to save these precious memories for a lifetime.
  • Bonus Lifestyle Photographer: A unique touch to tell stories about your special day
  • Ceremony Video Download: Relive your vows with our video download service.
  • Roundtrip Limousine Service: Arrive and depart in style
  • Chapel of the Flowers ‘Welcome to LV’ Champagne Gift Set: Toast to your love story
  • Live Broadcasting of the Ceremony (Indoor Ceremonies Only): Share your day with loved ones
  • Dedicated Wedding Planner and Day of Wedding Coordinator: Ensuring everything runs smoothly

Offer Validity:

This incredible Winter Enchantment All-Inclusive package is available for a limited time—from January 1st, 2024, to January 30th, 2024. Seize the opportunity to embark on your journey to wedded bliss without stress. The wedding package fees must be pre-paid at the time of booking your wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

**The cost of the wedding package doesn’t include any upgrades, minister fees, venue fees, or applicable taxes.


Say “I DO” to Your January Wedding Ceremony!

Not what you had in mind? Explore two other amazing winter package offers:


Option 1: Winter Romance Upgrade – Base Price: $495

or a Free Upgrade From our Traditional to Romantic Package

  • Dedicated Wedding Planner and Day of Wedding Coordinator
  • Wedding Floral or 12 Rose Hand Tied Bouquet and Matching Rose Boutonniere
  • 16 4X6 Candid Ceremony Photo Prints
  • Unity Ceremony: Indoor Ceremonies Only
  • Courtesy Limousine to Ceremony
  • Ceremony Consultation
  • Live Broadcasting of Your Wedding Ceremony (indoor venues only)
  • 8 hours of Internet Viewing

Option 2: Regal Radiance Upgrade – Base Price: $650

or a Free Upgrade From our Romantic to Regal Package

  • Dedicated Wedding Planner and Day of Wedding Coordinator
  • Wedding Floral or 18 Rose Hand Tied Bouquet, Matching Rose Boutonniere, and Single Rose Presentation
  • Regal 20-minute on-site posed photo shoot, one 11X14 print, and 18 4X6 Candid Ceremony Photo Prints
  • Unity Ceremony: Indoor Ceremonies Only
  • Roundtrip Limousine Service
  • First Look Service
  • Ceremony Video Download
  • Ceremony Consultation
  • Live Broadcasting of Your Wedding Ceremony (indoor ceremonies only)
  • 2 Weeks of Internet Viewing

Our way of adding an extra touch of magic to your winter wedding celebration. To secure your upgraded wedding experience, contact our dedicated wedding coordinators at 702-735-4331 or via email marryme@littlechapel.com.


At Chapel of the Flowers, we’re honored to be part of your love story. Start the new year with a memory that will last a lifetime.

A Heartfelt Anniversary Celebration at Chapel of the Flowers: Carlton Harris and His New Bride

September 20, 2022, marked a significant chapter in the love story of Carlton Harris and his beautiful new wife. Choosing the enchanting Glass Gardens at Chapel of the Flowers as their sacred space, the couple embarked on a journey of love, laughter, and heartfelt moments that would last a lifetime.


Love in Bloom: The Glass Gardens Experience

The serene beauty of the Glass Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for Carlton and his new bride to exchange vows and celebrate their commitment to each other. Surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquility of the space, every moment felt like a scene from a fairy tale.

A Touching Moment: Carlton’s Daughter Walks the Bride Down the Aisle

Adding a poignant touch to the ceremony, Carlton’s daughter took on the heartfelt role of walking her new stepmother down the aisle. It was a symbol of unity, blending families and creating a foundation of love that extended beyond the couple to embrace the people who mattered most.


Laughter and Tears: A Perfect Blend of Emotions

As the bride made her entrance, Carlton couldn’t hold back his tears, a testament to the overwhelming emotion and joy that filled the air. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of laughter and tears, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the genuine love shared by the couple.


A Year of Bliss: Celebrating the First Anniversary

Fast forward to today, and Carlton Harris and his wife are celebrating their first anniversary. Chapel of the Flowers extends warm congratulations to the couple on reaching this milestone. It has been a year filled with shared dreams, laughter, and the building of a lifetime of memories.

Chapel of the Flowers Wishes Carlton and His Wife a Happy Anniversary

As Carlton Harris and his wife commemorate their first year of marriage, Chapel of the Flowers sends heartfelt well wishes. May your days continue to be filled with love, laughter, and the joy that comes from sharing life’s journey with the one you love.

Cheers to many more years of happiness and love!

Chapel of the Flowers Team

A Love Story Rewritten: Cassi Davis and Kerry Patton’s Chapel of the Flowers Celebration

In the vast world of Hollywood love stories, few tales are as captivating and heartwarming as that of Cassi Davis and Kerry Patton. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane to explore the extraordinary love story that led them to say “I do” at Chapel of the Flowers on January 11, 2017, in the enchanting Traditional Victorian Chapel.

Known Since School Days:
Cassi and Kerry’s love story didn’t start on a Hollywood set but in the hallways of their high school. The couple shares a unique connection that dates back to their school days. In fact, Cassi fondly mentioned in an interview that she had harbored feelings for Kerry since sixth grade. Fate, it seems, had its own plans for the two lovebirds.

Separate Paths, Common Destiny:
Life took them on separate journeys after high school, but destiny had other plans. Despite going their separate ways for nearly two decades, Cassi and Kerry found their way back to each other. The actress revealed, “We met in the third grade, but as you grow up and go your separate ways, you can’t stay together forever. We went our separate ways for about twenty years, but God brought us back together.”

A Decade of Togetherness:
In 2007, fate intervened, and Cassi and Kerry started talking again. What followed was a decade-long journey of friendship, love, and companionship. The couple spent ten years together, navigating life’s ups and downs, before deciding to take the plunge into matrimony. Cassi, in an interview, expressed, “We started talking and dating back in 2007, and oh my goodness, we stayed in touch and are now bonded.”

Unique Love, Mesmerizing Relationship:
Cassi and Kerry’s love story is anything but ordinary. The 56-year-old actress shared that she and her husband have a relationship that is truly mesmerizing. Despite being public figures, the couple maintains a quiet life, staying away from the hustle and bustle of social media and the media spotlight. Cassi affectionately mentioned, “Our fights are beautiful, and our make-up is beautiful.”

Facing Challenges Together:
Their love has withstood the tests of time, including challenging moments. Cassi, demonstrating unwavering support, stood by Kerry during difficult times, such as when the actress faced a health issue that affected part of her face. Through it all, their bond remained unbreakable.

As we celebrate the love story of Cassi Davis and Kerry Patton, it’s evident that true love knows no bounds. Their journey from high school friends to life partners is a testament to the beauty of rediscovering love and building a lasting connection. The Traditional Victorian Chapel at Chapel of the Flowers witnessed the union of two souls whose love story is nothing short of enchanting.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on celebrating their upcoming 17th Wedding Anniversary.

Crafting Your Star Wars Themed Wedding Vows

Greetings, earthlings and aliens alike! For those of you planning a wedding under the twinkling Vegas lights at Chapel of the Flowers, we’re here to add a sprinkle of interstellar magic to your celebration. As Yoda would say, “Do or do not, there is no try.” So if you’re a Star Wars enthusiast who dreams of turning your nuptials into a galactic love story, we’re here to help you craft the perfect Star Wars wedding vows.

As with any Jedi journey, let’s start with the basics. Your vows are more than just words – they are a sacred promise, a pledge of a lifetime, your very own epic saga. And what could be more epic than a saga that began in a galaxy far, far away?

1. Inspired by Iconic Characters
It’s a safe bet to say we’ve all got our favorite Star Wars characters. Let’s start there. Think about what they represent and how you can incorporate their wisdom into your vows. Here’s an example inspired by the unshakable bond between Princess Leia and Han Solo:

“I promise to love you, [partner’s name], even when we’re lost in the darkest corners of the galaxy. Like Han, I’ll always come back for you, no matter the odds, because I know that together, we are invincible.”

2. A Touch of Yoda’s Wisdom
There’s no Star Wars wedding without a touch of Yoda wisdom. This wise, 900-year-old Jedi Master is the epitome of love, loyalty, and courage. His famous phrases can be seamlessly woven into your vows to add a touch of authenticity.

“My love, in sickness and in health, I promise to stand by you, I do. In darkness and light, with you, I will fight. Grow old together, we will, still loving you, I will be.”


3. Include Star Wars Symbolism

Symbols like the Force, lightsabers, or even Star Wars creatures can be creatively integrated into your vows to enhance the galactic feel.

“In the presence of the Force, I, [your name], take you, [partner’s name], to be my lawfully wedded wife/husband/partner. Like a Jedi’s lightsaber, our love will always shine bright, illuminating the path we tread together. Our bond is stronger than a Wookiee’s, and just as enduring.”


“In the presence of the Force, I, [your name], choose to be bound to you, [partner’s name], as my lawfully wedded wife/husband/partner. Our love is like a lightsaber, drawn irresistibly to its rightful owner. Just as the Force guides a Jedi’s hand to their weapon, our hearts are magnetically drawn together, destined to be one. Our connection is as unbreakable as a lightsaber’s bond with its wielder, and our journey, like the glow of the blade, will always shine brightly through the galaxies of our life together.”


4. Humor: The Ewok Way
Who said vows have to be completely serious? If you’re fans of the adorable Ewoks, why not incorporate some humor into your vows?

“I promise to stand by your side, through Endor and beyond. To love you when you’re as cuddly as an Ewok, and even when you’re as prickly as a loth-cat. In laughter and tears, in Kessel Runs or pod races, you will forever be my co-pilot.”

5. The Epic Ending
Finish your vows with a grand closing line that your wedding guests will remember long after your Death Star cake has been consumed. Something along the lines of:

“In the presence of the Force, our friends, and family, I promise to love you, not just for a lifetime, but for a thousand galaxies and beyond.”

We hope these tips give you some inspiration to start writing your Star Wars wedding vows. Remember, these vows are yours and should reflect your love story. Even if it’s a saga set in a galaxy far, far away, it’s a tale as old as time: love conquers all.

May the Force be with you as you plan your Star Wars-themed wedding at the Chapel of the Flowers in fabulous Las Vegas. And remember, “the greatest teacher, failure is.” So don’t worry about getting it perfect. Your vows, like your love story, are beautifully unique.

Just a reminder, with Chapel of the Flowers, you get your very own personalized wedding planner who can book all of your arrangements including, darth vader minister, storm troopers, personalized Star Wars Cake, light saber bouquets and more!

Just give us a call at 217-MARRY-ME to reserve your date, time, and Las Vegas wedding chapel for only $100!
Follow us on Instagram @littlechapel for some wedding inspiration too!
Happy planning, and may your love be as enduring as the Star Wars saga itself!

A Date to Remember: Saying ‘I Do’ on 12/31/23 at Chapel of the Flowers

The eve of a new year is always filled with promise, hope, and the anticipation of fresh beginnings. Imagine saying “I do” to the love of your life on the most significant date of the year – 12/31/23.

Step into the magic of forever with a wedding on a date that’s not only significant but beautifully symmetrical – 12/31/23. This numerical masterpiece, reminiscent of the elegant pattern 123, invites couples to make their union a timeless and unforgettable celebration.


At Chapel of the Flowers, this magical date is more than just a calendar entry; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of love, joy, and everlasting memories. Let’s explore why this date holds a special place in the hearts of those seeking a truly remarkable wedding experience.

Date Steeped in Symbolism / The Beauty of Symmetry

– 123, 123:

The numerical elegance of 12/31/23 is a rare gem, offering a symmetrical pattern that is easy to remember and utterly charming. Your wedding date becomes a poetic sequence, emphasizing the harmony of your union.


12/31/23 = 123 123


In numerology, patterns like 123 are believed to symbolize harmony and the flow of positive energy.


This date is also reflective of an angel number date, which is a number sequence that contains a repeated number series.


Choosing a wedding date with a sequential pattern is believed to bring luck and harmony to the marriage. 12/31/23 encapsulates a journey that starts with unity and progresses seamlessly, creating a story of everlasting love.


Beyond its numerical allure, 12/31/23 is a date that effortlessly embeds itself in memory. Your anniversary becomes a celebration that is never forgotten, a testament to the simplicity and elegance of your love story.


What better way to embark on your marital journey than on a date that signifies unity and progression?


The Elegance of a New Year’s Eve Wedding: Dazzling Atmosphere:

First and foremost, this date holds sequential significance, but 12/31/23 marks not only the end of a year but the beginning of a beautiful journey as a couple. The symbolism of starting your married life on the cusp of a new year is unparalleled.


Picture a ceremony bathed in the glow of city lights and the shimmer of holiday decorations. A New Year’s Eve wedding at Chapel of the Flowers offers an ambiance of sophistication and festive allure. What better way to ring in the New Year than committing to forever together? Start your New Year as a Newly Wed couple!


As the clock strikes midnight, welcome the new year with a kiss under the stars or striking lights of Las Vegas! Las Vegas, known for its vibrant energy and dazzling lights, takes New Year’s Eve celebrations to another level. The city comes alive with spectacular fireworks displays, turning the night sky into a canvas of colors. What better way to start off your wedding celebrations than with a Vegas fireworks show?

A Countdown to Forever: Personalized Ceremonies:

– Our dedicated wedding planners will work with you to create a personalized ceremony that reflects your love story and embraces the magic of a New Year’s Eve union. From personalized ceremonies to post-wedding festivities, every detail will be orchestrated to perfection. Extend the festivities with a post-wedding reception in one of our exquisite venues, complete with a champagne toast, festive decor, and a menu crafted to delight your senses.


Unforgettable Photo Opportunities: Capture the Magic:

– A New Year’s Eve wedding provides unique photo opportunities that encapsulate the excitement, joy, and anticipation of the moment. Imagine stunning shots amidst twinkling lights and the warmth of love. Imagine your wedding album adorned with photos taken on a date that mirrors the beauty of your commitment. The symmetry of the date adds an artistic touch to every captured moment.


As mentioned previously, Las Vegas puts on a spectacular firework display for New Years, turning the night sky into a canvas of bright colors. What better way to start off your wedding celebrations than with a Vegas fireworks show? You can even have a photoshoot under the fireworks! Just call 217-MARRY-ME to have that photoshoot scheduled!



Saying “I do” on 12/31/23 at Chapel of the Flowers is not just about celebrating a wedding; it’s about welcoming a new chapter in your love story. Make this New Year’s Eve a symbol of everlasting love and unforgettable beginnings. Secure your date now, and let the countdown to your forever begin!


Choosing 12/31/23 for your wedding at Chapel of the Flowers is more than selecting a date; it’s about embracing a symphony of love, luck, and lasting memories. Your journey together begins with a harmonious pattern that reflects the simplicity and beauty of your commitment. Secure your date, time, and Las Vegas wedding chapel for $100 by calling 217-MARRY-ME, and let the countdown to your forever, in perfect numerical harmony, commence!

Spreading Joy and Magic: Chapel of the Flowers and KLUC’s Annual Toy Drive Celebrates a Decade of Giving!

Embrace the Spirit of Giving with Chapel of the Flowers and KLUC’s Annual Toy Drive! For an incredible ten years, our community has stood united, bringing joy and laughter to children in need during the holiday season. As we celebrate this milestone, our commitment to making a difference has never been stronger. At Chapel of the Flowers, our mission is not only to be the #1 celebration company in the world but also to celebrate and support our community in meaningful ways. Join us in our mission to fill not just one, but at least 5 limos with bicycles, toys, and the magic of kindness.

A Decade of Heartwarming Tradition:
This year marks our 10th year participating in KLUC’s Annual Toy Drive, and we’re aiming higher than ever! Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed the incredible impact of collective generosity, and we’re dedicated to making this year’s drive the most memorable one yet. It’s not just about the toys; it’s about creating moments that last a lifetime for children in need.

At Chapel of the Flowers, our commitment goes beyond creating magical weddings and unforgettable celebrations. We believe in giving back to the community. Join us in spreading joy and magic this holiday season as we strive not only to be the #1 celebration company in the world but also to be a force for good in our community.

Your Contribution Matters:
We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to be part of something truly special. Every donation, every toy, is a promise of a brighter holiday for a child. This isn’t just a toy drive; it’s an opportunity to be a beacon of joy in a child’s life. Your generosity becomes a part of their cherished holiday memories, creating a lasting impact that goes beyond the tangible gifts.

Receive a Free Vow Renewal:
Donate a new bike and toy by December 6th and receive a Free Vow Renewal in one of our famous Las Vegas Chapels! It’s our way of saying thank you for being part of this heartwarming tradition and making a difference in the lives of children in need.

How to Contribute:
Wondering how you can make a difference? It’s simple! Just drop off your donations at our Chapel by December 6th – the more, the merrier! Your gifts will go a long way in making a child’s holiday season a little brighter. Let’s come together as a community and make this #SeasonOfGiving truly magical for those who need it the most.

As we embark on this heartwarming tradition for the 10th consecutive year, let’s make it a celebration of love, kindness, and the true spirit of giving. Join Chapel of the Flowers and KLUC in spreading joy and magic this holiday season. Your generosity is not just a gift; it’s a beacon of hope for children who deserve a little extra warmth during this special time of the year. Together, let’s create moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Follow us on Instagram to follow our journey!