Benjamin & Angela Ord


It was on a Saturday morning that I came into work to start setting up a reception for a couple I didn’t know. I was getting nervous, but I was more excited than anything else and had all the details on what they wanted with their reception. I started setting up the tables and chairs and putting together everything that was included in their reception. It was getting closer to the time the couple would come into the Gardens for their party. It was so important for me to have everything perfect for this couple that I haven’t even met yet.

Well, Ben and Angela Ord make one cute couple! Angela had on a perfect summer wedding dress and great shoes to match. She looked just stunning! I also loved Ben’s gray suit – I see a lot of suits and most of them are black or white, so it was refreshing to see gray! I got to know them a bit after coming into the gardens with their photographers, and I found out that they met about eight years ago in a bar. I told them that it must be a good bar and maybe I should check it out! We all laughed.

Ben and Angela had a quaint reception in our Glass Gardens with close friends and family. I was lucky enough to be their reception coordinator. Unbeknownst to them, it was the first reception that I coordinated, so of course I wanted everything perfect and flawless for their special day. They and their guests were fabulous and made it easy for me!


The Ords, along with their friends and family, enjoyed some food and a chocolate wedding cake with sparkling cider. The guests gave toasts to the new bride and groom, and then they mixed, mingled and ate. After a little bit, I asked Ben and Angela if they wanted to have a first dance. At first, I think Ben wasn’t too excited about the idea, but I think Angela talked him into it. It was really cute. They had their iPod, so I played their song while they danced. When they were dancing, I could tell how they are so in love with each other and weren’t paying attention to anyone else but the two of them. From there, we just kept their iPod playing for their reception and dancing ensued!

Vanessa and Shanna were their photographers and took some amazing pictures of them. Angela and Ben are pretty much supermodels!


It was so fun and entertaining to be a part of Ben and Angela’s wedding reception! I wish them all the best in their future together.

By Chapel Marketing

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