How to Break in your Wedding Day Heels


You’ve done it! You’ve finally found the perfect heels to go with your gorgeous gown on the big day. Now it’s time to make sure you can flaunt them all day.

Here are the best tips for breaking in your new heels for a fabulous, pain-free day

Do they fit? – Sure, sounds simple enough. But more than a few of us have had that urge to purchase a smaller size to make our feet appear daintier, or even a larger size for more heel space. Don’t do it! Too small shoes can lead to pain, blisters, and bunions; meanwhile, too big shoes lead to a wobbling heel or worse, a sprained ankle.

Socks! – Walk around in your heels with socks on. This will expand the space gradually to your exact foot shape while still preventing your feet from gaining blisters or sores. Make sure they aren’t too thin or too thick. Thin socks won’t do anything while thick socks may stretch out your shoes too far.

* Try damp socks. The moisture can help soften the shoes as they stretch – however, be careful with certain leathers, as it can actually dry out the material. If this happens, simply go over the shoes again with a leather softener.



Slow and steady – Take 30-60 minutes a day to gradually break in your shoes. Wear them during your morning routine, while cooking, or even just sitting at your desk. This every day commitment will pay off big time as you confidently walk down the aisle towards your gleaming partner.




Heat ‘em Up – With your hair dryer on low, you can mold the areas that have been problematic. Bend and stretch the shoe, concentrating on the places that have been pinching your feet. Only heat the shoe for about 2-3 minutes at a time. Again, be careful with leather, as the hair dryer can damage the material.



Shoe Stretcher – What a marvelous invention! This handy device can be left in your heel overnight, and when you wake, a great fit! Of course, you’ll want to be careful when using a shoe stretcher. Expand gradually to avoid too large shoes. Oops!

*If you purchased your shoes at a large department store, like Nordstrom’s, you can leave your shoes with them to be stretched and pick them up after you’re done shopping.




Just in case… – If you are still hesitant about walking around in heels all day, bring a backup! We love flip flops embroidered with your new name or comfy chucks for those in-between moments.



Now go on and strut your heels in confidence. We can’t wait to see them!



By Chapel Marketing

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