Happy Mother’s Day!!!

8 Fun Ways to Include your Mother in the Wedding

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and we wanted to share our favorite ways to include mom on your wedding day.

1. Let your something old be from her – perhaps her favorite piece of jewelry or a section of lace from her wedding gown sewn into yours. She’ll love knowing that a part of her is with you all day.

2. Everyone has their list of favorite songs. Why not use one of hers for the ceremony? I’ll bet that puts a smile on her face!

Closeup of wedding band

3. Just like your bridesmaids have matching bouquets to make them stand out, you could give each mother a single rose presentation or wrist corsage. Present the flowers before or even during the ceremony, making sure to let them know how much you have appreciated all of their love and support.

4. Save mom’s seat. Leave a sign with an adoring letter to your mother attached to her seat. What a wonderful surprise!

*Hint: Have her sit on the opposite side of where you’ll be standing. This way, she can see your beautiful face as you recite your vows to your future husband.

Mother and Bride walking to the ceremony

5. One of the sweetest ways of including your mother in your ceremony is by also having her walk you down the aisle. After all, she’s giving you away too.

6. If you choose to have a unity candle ceremony, light your candles from candles each of the mothers are holding, signifying two families joining together.

7. Have her present the rings – Instead of the best man holding the rings, the mothers could. They could even “warm up” the rings with love before passing them over.

8. And for a mother who is no longer with us, my personal favorite is a locket with a photo of her attached to your bouquet. If you happen to have one of her on her wedding day, even better! It is such an elegant way of carrying her spirit with you on your big day.

By: Jessie J.

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