Elvis is in the Chapel!!!

Richard and Alexandra were married on August 14, 2009 in our La Capella chapel.
They are a super sweet couple! Alexandra looked absolutely stunning in her vintage style dress and her red heels! We all loved her looked! Richard rocked his pink tie!
Richard and Alexandra had a small ceremony. They brought along two family members with them that also matched there wedding decor! Alexandra had Elvis, Yes Elvis, walk her down the isle! She was so excited, but her sister was just a little more excited than she was!

When Elvis walked through the chapel doors I thought her sister was going to fall over! She could not believe her eyes. To her it was like seeing the “real” Elvis! Elvis went to set up and practice for a moment before the ceremony. He starting singing and Alex’s sister told us that she is in love! We all joked that we needed to hold he back!

Elvis sang three songs through out the ceremony. It was like having there own private concert!
Along with our beautiful bride and groom, some staff members also enjoyed listening to the sounds of Elvis!

Richard and Alexandra had purchased there rings here in Las Vegas. They decided that it would be a nice touch to get there wedding bands in the town they were married in! Congratulations! I enjoyed meeting you and your family members! It was a joy to be part of your special day! Best of luck to you!


By Chapel Marketing

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