HOW-TO: Break-in your Wedding Day Shoes

Wedding Day Shoes :: How to Break In your wedding heelsHas anyone ever told you… beauty is pain? Well if you have heard this expression before; most likely the person that told you, was referring to walking in high heels or stilettos. On your wedding day, you shouldn’t have to be taking your wedding pumps off or leaning on your bridesmaids to give your feet a rest. So which methods are best to stretch your wedding day shoes?

Our seasoned professional wedding planners at Chapel of the Flowers has seen almost every situation when it comes to wedding day wardrobes, and are sharing tips and tricks to breaking-in your wedding day shoes.

For All Shoe Types

Whether you are wearing high heels, boots, flats, loafers or flip flops, make sure you try your wedding shoes on and walk around the house for a couple of hours. This will let you know whether you need to break-in your shoes or not.

For Guys and Gals

Basics for stretching your shoesHairdryer + Socks + Shoes= Comfy Fit. Just put your feet in socks and slips on those pumps and “hair dry” your feet. While you are heating up, wiggle and stretch your toes as much as you can. Repeat until you are satisfied with the fit.

Stretch without Hurting Your Feet

Stretch Wedding Shoes by freezing bags of water in your shoesFreezing shoes will stretch them. Take freezer bags fill them with water and place them in your wedding day heels. Then put them in the freezer. As to water freezes it expands causing them to stretch. Talk about getting cold feet.

After Breaking-In

Dr Sholls Inserts for blistersTo make sure you are at optimal comfort on your wedding day, get gel inserts for your shoes. They come in all shapes, sizes and types (for both men and women’s shoes).

Now that you can walk easy, take a walk down the aisle in Las Vegas at Chapel of the Flowers. Our wedding planners are full of tips to make your Vegas ceremony one to remember for a lifetime.

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