Las Vegas Wedding Guide: 5 Tips for Brides to Stay Cool at Summer Wedding

Las Vegas WeddingThe temperatures and number of weddings are on the rise this summer in Las Vegas! The summer months (June, July and August) are full of Las Vegas weddings, sunny days and temperatures reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So how do Las Vegas brides keep their cool during these hot months while still looking fabulous?

Las Vegas brides have been looking amazing under the sizzling sun for many years. What’s their secret? By following these 5 tips, you too will become an expert at staying cool and comfortable at your summer wedding. Grooms, you can visit this post for tips to keep yourselves chill in your dapper wedding attire.

STEP 1: What to Wear

When finding the perfect wedding dress, keep in mind the climate you are getting married in. Las Vegas is a desert with hot dry air. Staying cool in Las Vegas can be as easy as picking the right dress.

Las Vegas WeddingPick something shorter. Tea length dresses are all the craze in the wedding fashion industry right now. They are a great option for staying cool and stylish.

Valley of Fire Wedding by Chapel of the FlowersPick something lightweight. If you prefer a full length dress, remember less is more in desert climates. Try to pick a dress that doesn’t weigh you down. The more layers you have, the hotter you will be at your summer Las Vegas wedding.

STEP 2: Baby Powder is Your Best Friend


Before you put on that wedding gown, make sure to put baby powder everywhere! Just sprinkle some baby powder on your skin and rub it into your skin until it is translucent. You can also use antiperspirant sprays and anti-chaffing gels. These products will help absorb the sweat. Don’t forget to take extra with you for re-application (if needed).

STEP 3: Get the Look!

You may think hair and make-up is all about the look, but choosing the right hairstyle and make-up can help you stay cool in the desert heat.

Hair: Updos are a great bridal look in the desert. This hairstyle will help reduce your body temperature by keeping the hair off your neck. If you aren’t a fan of updos, side swept hairstyles are a great alternative to keep the hair away from your neck.

Wedding Make-up for Las Vegas WeddingMakeup: We always suggest hiring a make-up artist to do your wedding day look since they have the best products. Most make-up artist will use airbrush foundation since it’s waterproof. This type of foundation will allow you to perspire and cry without coming off. If you choose to do your own make-up, make sure to get a really good “Setting Spray” to go over all your make-up when you are finished applying it.

STEP 4: Accessorize

Las Vegas WeddingBring accessories that can help you stay cool. Carrying a fan, parasol or umbrella during and after your outdoor wedding will not only keep you cool, but will also act as great photo props.

STEP 5: Stay Hydrated

Water for Summer WeddingsDrinking plenty of water is the most important thing to remember when you are in the desert heat! Tourists sometimes forget Las Vegas is in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Drinking water can lower your core body temperature up to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after your Las Vegas wedding!

Now that you have these insider tips to staying cool and comfortable in the summer heat, all that is left for you is to say “I do.”

Make the most of your Las Vegas wedding, and book a ceremony with our talented wedding planners! Contact us today!

By Chapel Marketing

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