Top 5 Wedding Traditions for your Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding by Chapel of the FlowersEvery family and culture has their own traditions for celebrations, but there a millions of wedding traditions to incorporate in your wedding day. So what do traditions mean and which ones are best for your Las Vegas wedding?

Many different cultures celebrate weddings in their own special way. Just because you aren’t a certain religion or culture doesn’t mean that you can’t share their traditions. Here are our top 5 traditions you may want to include on your wedding day.

1. For the Traditional Couple

One of the most popular traditions in American and British wedding culture is the “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”.

Wedding at Chapel of the FlowersMeaning: Originating from an old English rhyme; something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.

Add a Vegas Twist: Make your “Something Blue” something fabulous like flashy blue shoes or dazzling blue accessories.

2. For the Bohemian Couple

The Unity Bowl is a fun Australian wedding ceremony tradition where guests are given stones prior to the wedding and asked to hold them during the ceremony. At the end, guest will place the stone in a decorative bowl that the couple will display in their home.

Meaning: The mixing of the stones symbolizes how the family and friends will always remain an integral part of the couple’s life together.

Add a Vegas Twist: Instead of doing stones, ask your guests to pick out a small palm-sized Las Vegas souvenir and bring it to the ceremony.

3. For the Superstitious Couple

The Turkish shoe signing tradition may let you know who will be next to walk down the aisle. Before the ceremony, have all your single bridesmaids, family and friends sign the sole of your shoe. By the end of the wedding day, the person whose name has faded the most will be next in line to wed. (This tradition is meant for the bride, but can easily be done for the groom as well.)

Turkish Shoe Signing TraditionMeaning: There is no meaning, it’s just a fun tradition!

Add a Vegas Twist: Make it more Vegas-style by having everyone that signs the shoe put in $5 into a donation pool for the winner’s future wedding.

4. For the Laid Back Couples

Bring the Islands to Las Vegas and have leis at your wedding. A Lei is a traditional flower necklace worn in the Hawaiian Islands.

Meaning: Lei are a symbol of love and respect. During a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony the couple will switch leis during the ceremony and the kahuna pule, or holy man, would bind the couple’s hands together with another lei to symbolize them binding their spirits and souls to one another.

Add a Vegas Twist: Elvis is not only famous for performing in Las Vegas but filming many shows and movies in Hawaii. Add Elvis to your wedding package and give him a lei to wear during your ceremony.

5. For Lucky Couples

Get some luck from the Irish and carry a horseshoe during your wedding day!
Las Vegas Wedding FlowersMeaning: The Irish believe it’s lucky to carry a horseshoe on your wedding day. The horseshoe can be displayed anywhere from the bouquet to accessories just as long as it is held upright, resembling a “U”. If it is worn upside down, legend says your luck will run out.

Add a Vegas Twist: Horseshoes are part of Las Vegas culture with horseshoes also being a good luck symbol (especially in the Casinos downtown). Book a Las Vegas Strip photo shoot and take your horseshoe to the historic downtown for an unforgettable wedding day photo session.

Make your wedding day memorable with these timeless traditions and don’t forget to book your Las Vegas wedding package for your special day!  Our vegas wedding chapels are sure to impress.

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