Groom Makes Ultimate Commitment with Tattoo of Chapel of the Flowers Logo

Chapel of the Flowers Logo TattooChapel of the Flowers is accustomed to seeing couples who exchanged vows stop by and take pictures when in town to celebrate an anniversary or show friends the chapel where they married. What the Chapel was surprised to see this past weekend was a groom who loved his Las Vegas wedding experience so much that he tattooed the company’s iconic logo on his forearm to forever remember the day he and his wife celebrated their wedding.

John and Vicki Harris wed at Chapel of the Flowers three years ago and paid a surprise visit to the staff to share their story. The groom, John, has documented his love story with his bride, Vicki on his arm and has added tattoos of various landmarks to commemorate their milestone dates. On his elbow and “sleeve” are fireworks to represent their first date. John said that their most memorable date, the day of their wedding on March 31, 2012, is now represented by a tattoo of the Chapel of the Flowers logo.

John Harris praised the commitment to excellence and amazing level of service that they experienced from everyone on the team at Chapel of the Flowers. “We wanted to remember our experience at Chapel of the Flowers because the staff, the venue and the service were the very best!” John and Vicki added that they will definitely return to Chapel of the Flowers to renew their vows for their five year anniversary.

“Would you get a tattoo of a company logo?” BBC News business reporter Will Smale posed this question to readers in 2014 and shared that over 2,000 workout enthusiasts from around the world did indeed tattoo the logo of the popular gym Anytime Fitness.

The answer to the BBC News reporter’s question is “yes” according to John Harris. And now this very happily married man, with a logo of Chapel of the Flowers, is added to the list of customers who did make the ultimate commitment to a beloved brand.

Thank you, John and Vicki Harris, for thanking us in such a significant way. The entire staff at Chapel of the Flowers is humbled and honored by your show of appreciation.


By Chapel Marketing

Award-winning Chapel of the Flowers has provided traditional, intimate and elegant Las Vegas weddings on the world-famous Strip for nearly 60 years. It is a full-service wedding venue, with three elegant wedding chapels as well as a beautiful outdoor gazebo and glass garden. Its cobblestone-accented grounds and lush landscaping create a variety of options to capture that picture-perfect moment. The chapel’s professional wedding planners work with couples on a daily basis from one-year out to day-of planning.