Planning a Vintage Glamour Wedding: Unleash the Charm of the Past!

Today, we’re stepping back in time to help you plan a Vintage Glamour Wedding.  Capture the essence of bygone eras, from the roaring ’20s to the fabulous ’50s. By infusing old-world charm and classic elegance into your special day, you can transport your guests to another time filled with pearls, velvet, and the soft tune of a saxophone.

Stepping into the Time Machine: Invitations

Begin setting the stage with your wedding invitations. For a Vintage Glamour theme, you might consider elegant letterpress invitations in shades of cream and gold, decorated with Art Deco or Gatsby-style motifs. Incorporate classic calligraphy and vintage stamps. Consider sealing your invitations with wax for a true old-world touch.

Creating a Bygone Ambience: Venue and Decorations

Choosing the right venue can significantly influence the overall feel of your wedding. Opt for venues that speak to the vintage era.  The Victorian Chapel in Las Vegas can fully support such a theme with its crystal chandeliers and wall lighting, flowing draperies, and experienced wedding planners.

Once you’ve secured your venue, it’s time to create an atmosphere dripping in vintage allure. A soft, muted color palette with pops of gold or silver can provide an excellent base for your decorations. Think delicate lace table runners, ornate candelabras, and gilded mirrors. The tables could be adorned with antique items like vintage cameras, gramophones, or typewriters.

The lighting is critical in creating an enchanting vintage ambiance. Decorate your venue with twinkling fairy lights and chandeliers dripping in crystals to capture that vintage sparkle. To add a dash of fun and authenticity, consider hiring a vintage car for your grand entrance or exit.

Glamour from Yesteryears: Dress and Attire

Nothing screams vintage glamour like the attire. For the bride, consider a gown with intricate lace details, a long train, and perhaps even a classy birdcage veil. Look for dresses that embody the elegance and charm of the chosen era. Pearls, sequins, and satin gloves are the perfect accessories to give that touch of old-world sophistication.

For the groom, a classic black tuxedo never fails to impress. A waistcoat, bow tie, and pocket square can be charming additions. If you’re feeling adventurous, a top hat could be the icing on the cake!

Don’t forget about your bridal party! Flapper dresses for the bridesmaids and suspenders for the groomsmen can add an extra touch of fun and authenticity.

Sway to the Old Tunes: Music and Entertainment

Music plays a significant role in setting the mood for your vintage glamour wedding. Consider hiring a jazz band to play classics from your chosen era. If you’re going for a ’20s vibe, a live swing band would also be an excellent choice. You could even offer a quick dance lesson to get your guests on the dance floor!

Delighting the Palate: Food and Drinks

Finally, keep the vintage theme alive with your food and drink choices. Plan a menu that reflects the classic dishes of the era. Hire a mixologist to create signature cocktails from the period. Think martinis, sidecars, or an old-fashioned.

And there you have it! By blending classic styles, nostalgic touches, and a dash of creativity, you’re all set to host a Vintage Glamour wedding that will transport your guests back in time. Stay tuned for more inspiring and entertaining posts from our Las Vegas wedding series!

By Chapel Marketing

Award-winning Chapel of the Flowers has provided traditional, intimate and elegant Las Vegas weddings on the world-famous Strip for nearly 60 years. It is a full-service wedding venue, with three elegant wedding chapels as well as a beautiful outdoor gazebo and glass garden. Its cobblestone-accented grounds and lush landscaping create a variety of options to capture that picture-perfect moment. The chapel’s professional wedding planners work with couples on a daily basis from one-year out to day-of planning.

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