The Best Wedding Dates and Dates to Avoid in 2021 & 2022

Best and Worse Wedding Dates for 2021 & 2022 | 2021 & 2022 Lucky Wedding DatesYou’re engaged! Now what? Whether you are newly engaged (or rescheduling your wedding due to the pandemic), picking your perfect wedding date is a daunting task. It should be one of the very first tasks to check off your wedding checklist. Need help knowing the best wedding dates for 2021 & 2022? Well, look no further. Chapel of the Flowers has put together a list of the best, luckiest, and dates to avoid for your wedding date.


WEDDING REPORT: Origins Behind Lucky Wedding Dates

Lucky Wedding Dates | 7-7-17 Weddings | Lucky Horseshoe WeddingsHave you ever wondered why certain numbers are considered lucky? For example, the number 7. Most people consider this number to be very good luck, and couples from around the world have chosen 7-7-17 or 7-17-17 as their wedding date this year. In fact July 7th, 2017 is expected to be even more popular because it will be the 10 year anniversary for brides and grooms that got married on 7-7-07. So what’s the story behind lucky number 7?


BEST Wedding Dates in 2017

Lucky Wedding Dates for 2017 :: Best Dates to get Married in 2017Picking that perfect wedding date can be harder said than done. You have all these things to consider… weather, are you considering a date that is special for you and your loved one, weekday or weekend, palindrome, lucky numbers, or maybe you want a holiday. Well get out your calendar and mark down these popular wedding dates to consider for 2017.


Lucky in Las Vegas: Best Days for Wedding in 2015

Best Days for Wedding :: Las Vegas Weddings
If you thought the era of “lucky” wedding days went away when couples said “I do” on 08/08/08 and 12/13/14, and aren’t sure what day to schedule your wedding, we’ve got some great news. The year 2015, although nearly half over, still has several days left that will make remembering your anniversary easy – and might even bring a little extra luck into your marriage! And since you’re already lucky in love, where better than Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas to tie the knot?