Don’t Forget the Lifestyle Photography! Add Emotion to Your Las Vegas Wedding

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Many couples on their big day are worrying about every little thing in the book, from how the bride will have her hair to the groom misplacing his great grandfathers watch. Here at Chapel of the Flowers, we understand it is easy to be forgetful on your big day, but there is one thing we highly suggest you do not forget for your Las Vegas Wedding, a lifestyle photographer.

A Lasting Memory with an Unforgettable Photo Session


There is no special day complete without exceptional memories. So how do you ensure those memories are captured on your wedding day? By booking a photo session with one of our fabulous photographers! From the minute you step out of the limo, your photographer is right there snapping away.

Chapel of the Flowers Embraces Unplugged Weddings


 Live in the moment and stay “unplugged” for every bride and groom’s wedding day

Distracting camera use happens all too often now. Brides expect to walk down the aisle to the bright and smiling faces of all their loved ones; instead, those beautiful faces are hidden behind pesky portable devices. Understandably, everyone wants to capture the moment for future viewing or sharing with their online followers, but there comes a point when handhelds prevent people from actually enjoying the moment when they should be unplugged and enjoying the moment. Sometimes, guests are so preoccupied with pressing a button that they even miss the vows!

Flowers help make your Vegas Wedding YOU!


In meeting a couple prior to their ceremony and showing them around the Chapel grounds, I always find that walking into the Flower Shop puts the biggest smile on their face. Even mentioning the flowers being ready gets a lot of brides excited, and in return it gets me super excited as well. I mean, what girl doesn’t love flowers!

Meeting online no longer taboo


It used to be many years ago, when online dating sites first sprang up, that it had a stigma attached to it. Meeting online was sort of culturally taboo and something a lot of people wouldn’t admit to even though the majority of the population was participating in such an activity. However, as culture and society have evolved over the years, online dating sites have become a more acceptable way of meeting people whether it’s for short term dating or a long term relationship. Online dating is really a great way to save time when looking for a life partner. Time is so valuable and with online dating, you can right away browse through profiles of people who are looking for love and can weed out within the first few minutes if you have anything in common with a certain person.