Foolproof Wedding Hacks to Make Planning Simple

Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding HacksLife hacks are all about making your life easier, but did you know there are wedding hacks that will save you time and headaches? Over many years of planning weddings, our wedding planners share their favorite wedding hacks that you will want to use for your own sanity.

Wedding Planning Hacks

We have seen them all over Pinterest. Hacks to save money, hacks to make your life easier, things you didn’t know had more than one purpose; well the same hack ideas can be related to your wedding day.

Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Easy Wedding Planning IdeasYour wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. However, it can also be one of the most stressful. These foolproof hacks are all about improving your wedding planning experience and will make your special day unforgettable.

Wedding Hack

 Create a New Email for Wedding 


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Make Wedding Email Address

Preparation is key to having a successful, stress-free wedding day. As you begin to look at wedding venues and vendors, consider creating a new email for all your wedding to give all your wedding vendors and guests. This will keep you and your partner be organized and aware of all your wedding updates. You can even recycle this email after your big day to use as your joint email.

Wedding Hack

Number Your RSVP Cards  


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Number RSVP Cards

RSVP’s are a crucial part of wedding planning process. The problem with RSVP mail outs is that your guests will reply, but will often forget to include their name. There is a simple way to avoid this issue. Keep a detailed list of your guests by assigning a number to each address. When you put together your invitations, write the corresponding number on the bottom or backside of their RSVP card. If your guest forgets to identify who they are on the card; no worries – look at the number to see who forgot to add their name to the RSVP card. (Photo credit: Lava Stationery)

Wedding Hack

Wedding Undergarments 


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Sew Bra into Wedding DressWith so much going on during your wedding day; your garments are the last thing you want to worry about. There is nothing worse than your bra showing up in wedding photos, or you having to continuously “adjust” yourself. Take the time to sew your bra into your gown, or add snaps to the front of your bustier and inside your gown- this will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions and will allow you to move freely. (Photo credit: London Fitting Room)

Wedding Hack

Breaking in Your Wedding Shoes 


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Break in Wedding ShoesNo outfit is complete without some fabulous shoes. However, we all know how uncomfortable dress shoes can be. Best trick in the book is to “freeze” your wedding shoes. Insert a water-filled Ziplock bag (3/4 filled) into each shoe, and put them in the freezer for 1-2 days. The water will expand in the shoes, giving your toes much-needed space. Afterward, wear a pair of socks while wearing your shoes around the house. For more useful tips: visit our previous blog HOW-TO: Break-in your Wedding Day Shoes

Expert Tip: Ladies even if you think you have mastered the art of wearing heels, your feet will need a little rest and relaxation after a long day of celebrating. Keep some foldable flats handy and slip them on whenever you get a chance to give your feet a break. These also make a perfect gift for the ladies in your bridal party.

Wedding Hack

Sweat Less in Your Wedding Attire


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Sweat Less during WeddingYou may have tried on your wedding dress or tuxedo, and you felt everything felt nice and comfy, but unless you wore your wedding attire for a couple of hours before your ceremony; you won’t know how hot and uncomfortable your fashion choice will be. Ladies, make sure to put baby powder EVERYWHERE before you put on your wedding gown. This will help with sweating and unwanted rubbing. Gentlemen, feel more comfortable in a lightweight fabric to avoid yourself from sweating at the altar. Try picking a suit with breathable fabrics. Read more about tips for staying cool for the bride and groom here. (Photo credit: Jamie Clayton)

Wedding Hack

Getting Ready for Wedding Day


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Getting ReadyMany ladies put on their wedding dress on after they are all dolled-up. To avoid your hair and make-up from getting ruined while sliding into your dress, consider getting dressed first, and put a smock or button up shirt over your wedding dress to avoid your make-up/ hair products from ruining your dress.

Wedding Hack

Keep Wedding Veil Off Face


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Keep Your Veil Off FaceAre you wearing a veil and don’t want it flying around during your ceremony or wedding photos? Attach veil weights to the bottom of the veil to avoid your veil from flying into your face.

Wedding Hack

Order Room Service on Wedding Day


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Order Room ServiceOn the wedding day, you will be busy getting ready, getting married, and interacting with wedding guests. You will need plenty of energy to get you through the day. Order room service at your hotel to arrive while you are getting ready. This will save you time from trying to find a snack later and will avoid your stomach from feeling hungry during your ceremony and post-ceremony photos.

Wedding Hack

Wedding Registry


Wedding Tips and Tricks | Simple Wedding Hacks | Wedding RegistryA gift registry can become time-consuming and complicated. Instead of a traditional registry, go for a Honeyfund! With this online registry, your guests can contribute towards your honeymoon. They can put money towards your airfare, hotel, or any activity that you may want to participate in while on your honeymoon.

Expert Tip: Save time and money on your honeymoon by hiring a travel agent. They have exclusive deals and savings. Companies like Ever After specializing in romance travel and destination weddings.

Your wedding day should be one you look back and say “that was the best day of my life.” Don’t sweat the small stuff and plan your wedding with these simple and foolproof wedding hacks. Interested in more information on a destination wedding in Las Vegas? Chapel of the Flowers is here to help you design an elegant wedding. Contact our experienced wedding planners today for more information on our Las Vegas wedding chapels and wedding packages and top-of-the-line amenities.

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