How to Decorate a Restaurant Reception at Your Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas Wedding Receptions :: All-inclusive Wedding Packages :: Chapel of the FlowersJust because you are having a small private reception in a posh Las Vegas restaurant, doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your celebration space like a traditional wedding reception. Chapel of the Flowers is partnered with many restaurants that will allow couples decorate their tables and private dining rooms as if they were in a ballroom.


Chapel of the Flowers Presents: March Wedding Madness Tips for a Sports-Themed Wedding

March Madness wedding inspirationThe 2015 NCAA basketball tournament has officially started, along with the unofficial kick-off of wedding season. While sports fanatics are feverishly filling out their brackets, newly engaged couples are planning their weddings. So what do sports and weddings have in common? Strategy, planning and coordination, of course. But there are many couples who love to incorporate their love of sports into their Big Day. In honor of March Wedding Madness, Chapel of the Flowers presents tips for your sports-themed wedding.


Flowers Flowers Everywhere! Part 2


Today, we will be doing another installment celebrating the amazing designs that come from our Floral Department at Chapel of the Flowers. I spent the majority of January through April working in the Flower Shop this year, and I have to say that we had some beautiful custom bouquets come through the shop. In this entry, I really want to showcase the extent of the custom design you can submit to our Floral Designers who will in turn, create the bouquet and floral additions of your dreams.